July 18, 2017 | Authenticity enhancements and syndication upgrades

Authenticity Enhancements

As part of our commitment to honest, authentic review content, beginning October 1, 2017, Bazaarvoice will pause publishing new content for clients with an authenticity score below 90.

This change will primarily impact clients that are using the Bazaarvoice API and not passing the required authenticity data on the submission form. This change will not impact clients using the Bazaarvoice hosted submission form, which automatically performs these actions.

Bazaarvoice will individually inform impacted clients and provide instructions to correct the issue.

Why is Bazaarvoice doing this?

Our goal is to protect you and your consumers by ensuring that the Bazaarvoice Network continues to display consumer-generated content (CGC) that is free from spam and fraud. While this activity is rare, when it does happen, there can be many spammy or fraudulent reviews. Bazaarvoice can better identify and filter these with the authenticity code in place. Without it, you are at risk for:

  • Losing your consumers’ trust due to spam or fake reviews
  • Spam or fake, positive reviews that drive up the average rating for a product. These could be from suppliers or employees, hoping to increase sales. Either way, they hurt consumers’ confidence in reviews and other CGC.
  • Spam or fake, negative reviews, dragging down the average rating for products. These could be from competitors or competitors to your suppliers, hoping to hurt sales.

How is the authenticity score calculated?

The authenticity score is based on the percentage of submitted CGC that includes the Bazaarvoice authenticity data. For example, if you receive 100 reviews each day, and only 25% of those reviews include the authenticity data, your authenticity score would be 25.

How do I know if I need to make a change?

If you need to make changes, Bazaarvoice will contact you. We will contact both the primary business and technical contacts via email and, if necessary, by phone. You will need to make changes only if you are using one of the Bazaarvoice APIs for submission and are not sending the required authenticity data. If you are using the Bazaarvoice hosted submission form, you do not need to make any changes because we take care of it for you. If you are still worried and want to make sure, please contact Bazaarvoice Support via chat or a Spark ticket and we can confirm whether or not you need to make changes.

What changes might I need to make?

Most clients will not need to make any changes. If you do need to make changes, you must ensure that you are passing Bazaarvoice the authenticity data on all of your submission forms, including web, mobile web, iOS native app, and Android native app. You can choose from two approaches:

  • Use the Bazaarvoice hosted submission forms. This would require adding Bazaarvoice Javascript code into DIVs on your submission page. An added benefit of this approach is that you will be able to automatically take advantage of innovations Bazaarvoice makes for content collection.
  • Add the authenticity code to your submission form. Bazaarvoice can supply you a code package to do this. It will automatically collect the device fingerprint. Additionally, you will need to provide the reviewer’s IP address.

Clients making these changes typically spend 2 to 8 hours for integration and testing, for each environment (including web, mobile web, iOS app, or Android app).

Syndication Upgrades

Later this summer (between July 15 and August 31), Bazaarvoice will roll out a series of enhancements to our syndication platform, increasing the volume of content sent from brands to retailers within the Bazaarvoice Network. Bazaarvoice will automatically update your configuration so that you can take advantage of these improvements.

These enhancements include:

  • Expanding international syndication
  • Syndicating comments on Ratings and Reviews
  • Syndicating Questions and Answers

Expanded international syndication

Bazaarvoice already syndicates content across countries. To increase content coverage and depth, and help you get more value from the Bazaarvoice Network, we will upgrade our syndication platform to make international syndication between brands and retailers easier.

Information for retailers

You do not need to make any changes as part of this upgrade. After upgrade, you will receive product reviews written by shoppers in other countries. You will recieve content only for languages you already display on your site. For example, retailers in France will receive French language reviews from Belgium or Switzerland. US retailers will receive English language reviews from Canada and Australia.

Information for brands

You do not need to make any changes as part of this upgrade. After upgrade, your reviews will start to syndicate to additional retailers in other countries. Reviews will be syndicated only if the retailer already displays reviews written in that language. For example, German language reviews collected in Germany will syndicate to retailers in Austria and Switzerland that display German language reviews.

FAQ about expanded international syndication

Do I need to be concerned that these products will not be the same? For example, products marketed under the same name may have different formulations or components.

You do not. Bazaarvoice uses GTINs like UPC, EAN, and ISBN, as well as other data signals, to distinguish between products.

Will my shopper want to read content from reviewers in different countries?

Today’s shoppers are used to seeing content from people around the world. Reviews on travel sites such as Marriott, Starwood, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb have helped make this a normal experience for shoppers.

What about moderation?

There are no changes to moderation. All of the content will be moderated, just as before.

What if I don’t want to receive content from other countries (for retailers) or send content to other countries (for brands)?

If you want to opt out of receiving content from, or sending content to, specific countries, Bazaarvoice Support can help you make those adjustments. Contact Support via chat or Spark to make this change.

Syndicating comments on reviews

Comments on reviews are an important part of the consumer generated content (CGC) ecosystem. From customer service feedback to insights from other consumers, comments enable consumers to expand on the feedback in a review, helping the consumer decision-making process.

Until now, comments posted on a brand or manufacturer website did not always syndicate to retail partners. Bazaarvoice will begin syndicating comments so that they can be displayed alongside the reviews. This change will ensure that all content associated with a review at the original publishing location is also available at syndication destinations throughout the Bazaarvoice Network.

Information for retailers

Bazaarvoice will automatically update your hosted display to enable the display of comments. Previously, comment display was treated as an optional feature; it will now be required. You can optionally choose whether or not you want to collect your own comments. Retailers using Conversations will be able to make styling modifications by using the configuration hub. Retailers using our legacy platform will need to work with Bazaarvoice to define styling. Retailers managing their own displays will need to make updates to display comments.

Syndicating Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers (Q&A) syndication represents a great source of content coverage and depth. With this summer’s syndication updates, Q&A collected at brands and manufacturers can now freely travel on the network and appear to consumers everywhere they shop.

All Bazaarvoice customers subscribing to the Q&A service who receive syndicated Ratings and Reviews content will be upgraded to receive syndicated Q&A content automatically. Their syndication relationships will be automatically configured to handle Q&A content in a manner similar to their Ratings and Reviews content.

Retailers: FAQ for Q&A syndication

What will retailers need to do to deploy this feature?

If you already have Q&A on your website and participate in review syndication, you won’t have to do anything. Bazaarvoice will upgrade you automatically. If you do not participate in syndication, open a support case to opt in to start receiving syndication. If you don’t have Q&A, contact your account team team to add this to your services.

What types of questions will be syndicated?

Bazaarvoice will syndicate answered questions only. We will not syndicate unanswered questions.

Which brands will syndicate Q&A content?

Brands using Bazaarvoice Q&A that are participating in review syndication will syndicate content. Bazaarvoice will replicate their approach to review syndication. Syndication matching will depend on the quality of your product feed and the brand’s product feed.

How will Q&A content be moderated?

As with review content, all Q&A content will be moderated by Bazaarvoice to meet our Network guidelines, thus ensuring it is appropriate for all retailers’ sites.
Brands: FAQ for Q&A Syndication
What will brands need to do to deploy this feature?

If you already have Q&A on your website and participate in review syndication, you won’t have to do anything. Bazaarvoice will upgrade you automatically. If you do not participate in syndication or don’t have Q&A, contact your account team team to add this to your services.

What types of questions will be syndicated?

Bazaarvoice will syndicate answered questions only. We will not syndicate a question until the question has been answered and the 7-10 day SEO delay has occurred.

To which retailers can you syndicate Q&A content?

Brands can syndicate Q&A content to all retailers using Bazaarvoice Q&A that are participating in syndication. Bazaarvoice will replicate retailers’ approaches to review syndication. Syndication matching will depend on the quality of your product feed and the brand’s product feed.

How will Q&A content be moderated?

As with review content, all Q&A content will be moderated by Bazaarvoice to meet our Network guidelines, thus ensuring it is appropriate for all retailers’ sites.

March 27, 2017 | New API key management, Curations 3.0, moderation guidelines, knowledge bases

Developer Portal: New API Key Management Vendor

In April 2017, Bazaarvoice moves to a new API key management vendor.

What you should know

  • Bazaarvoice will migrate all your API keys and users to our new vendor.
  • Accounts with the same email address will be merged.
  • Usage data will reset with new vendor.
  • For security reasons, we will not retain your account passwords. On or after April 17 we will send a password reset email to all valid email addresses associated with your Bazaarvoice Developer Portal accounts.

What you should do

For more information contact Bazaarvoice Client Care at Spark.

From social advocacy to shoppable content – announcing Curations 3.0

Did you know that shoppers who interact with visual content on the Bazaarvoice network deliver a 116% RPV lift? Curations 3.0 allows you to easily discover, curate, display and learn from visual consumer-generated content (CGC).  

Highlights of what’s new include:  

  • Re-imagined user friendly interface your social team will love using
  • Robust rules engine to quickly identify, sort and tag relevant content; turn social content into shoppable content
  • Improved organization system empowering you to find approved content for advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Multi-brand account management to protect the authentic voice of each of your brands
  • New and improved actionable reporting to make your business smarter including conversion data for each of your social advocates and visual content

Current Curations customer?  Your Bazaarvoice account team will reach out in the coming months to discuss migration to Curations 3.0.

Not yet using Curations but interested in a demo? Reach out to your account team.

Learn more about Curations 3.0 here.

Changes to Bazaarvoice moderation guidelines best-practices

Beginning March 27, 2017, we will proactively adopt a change in moderation logic. Prior to this change, all reviews containing any reference to an unsatisfactory customer service interaction were rejected. After March 27th, we will allow reviews that are product-focused to be published, even if they contain minor customer service issues. You will still be able to identify and respond to complaints, as the reviews will be flagged with a neutral CSN code. Content that is primarily focused on customer service issues (rather than being product-focused) will still be rejected with the CS code.

Read the full report here.

Product knowledge bases

We’ve redesigned the knowledge bases for Conversations, Curations, Connections, Sampling, and Advertising. With improved search functionality and responsive web design, you can easily find implementation instructions, code examples, best practices, and training videos.

September 26, 2016 | Curations Advocate Report, Curations Content Manager, and Connections

Français | Deutsch

This month’s release includes several enhancements requested by clients like you. For a quick overview of these features, read on. To get started with any of these new features, please open a Spark ticket.

Bazaarvoice Connections

Looking for quick answers about Bazaarvoice Connections? Check out the new Connections knowledge base. You’ll find setup instructions, Connections portal tips, best practices, and solutions to common issues.

Connections knowledge base

Curations Content Manager (beta)

Discover, manage, and moderate content faster in this new visually dynamic content manager. With this update, we’ve added two-click actions on content and advanced searching and filtering by content types.

Learn more:

Curations Advocate Report

Identify your top advocates and let their best social content perform for you. In this new report you will be able to:

  • Find your most impactful and vocal advocates
  • Gain performance insights
  • Drill down into post-level conversion data

Learn more:

The 2016 holiday season is coming. Are you ready?

Bazaarvoice 2016 Holiday Preparedness

With the 2016 holiday season fast approaching, we are ready to help your online operations run smoothly during peak shopping days. The Bazaarvoice 2016 Holiday Preparedness guide has the important information you’ll need at hand, including how to:

  • Prepare your Bazaarvoice instances for the holiday season
  • Contact Bazaarvoice in the event of an urgent or critical issue
  • Designate or update your organization’s technical emergency contact information

Ready to get the guide? Log on to the Spark portal, and then click the link in the holiday preparedness announcement. For more information about holiday preparedness activities, contact your Bazaarvoice Client Success Director.

June 21, 2016 | Product families reporting, Mobile SDKs and incentivized reviews

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This month’s product release includes several enhancements requested by clients like you. For a quick overview of the new features now available, read on. To get started with any of the new features, please open a Spark ticket.

Product families reporting

A new feature of the Ratings & Reviews report accessible through the Bazaarvoice client workbench.

  • Additional insights – provides more clarity about the actual review count and average rating of
    products based on native, syndicated and shared family content.
  • Identify product coverage – enables you to see which product families have been created and which products share reviews with each other.
  • More content – see content coverage on a product family level and adjust product catalogs/families.

Learn more:

Mobile SDK

Enables developers to build consumer-generated content (CGC) into any iOS or Android application.

  • Insert CGC directly into any native Android or iOS app to increase the reach of your content
    and influence more shoppers.
  • With only a few lines of code, you’re good to go!
  • Get real-time analytics to help you win in mobile app consumer retail.

Learn more:

Incentivized Reviews

Over the coming weeks, Bazaarvoice will roll out changes to our content system designed to disclose syndicated review content that was collected through promotional means. If you send or receive syndicated review content collected as part of a promotion, you’ll be affected by this feature.

  • Only syndicated reviews are affected by this change.
  • Instead of displaying a custom and branded badge, syndicated reviews sourced from an incentive campaign will now disclose “This review was collected as part of a promotion.”
  • The incentivized badge will no longer appear on reviews that meet the above criteria.

Learn more:

May 20, 2016 | Enhancements for Java EE users

What is it?

Bazaarvoice has added an enhancement to the latest release of the Java software development kit (SDK), version 3.2.0. This enhancement enables the SDK to read user agent strings, allowing us to provide better consumer-generated content (CGC) support for your deployment.

What do I need to do?

If your company uses Java EE to host your website, update your web.xml file to take advantage of this enhancement. For more information about the required update, including code that you can copy and paste to add to your file, refer to Getting started with the Java SDK.

April 1, 2016 | New Curations online help

We’re excited to announce a preview of our updated Curations online help. Here’s a snapshot of the improvements:

  • Improved organization. Click one of four tiles to open the section of the help that is most relevant to your journey with Curations. Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to browse through available topics.
  • Easier to scan. Information is divided into sections so you can quickly see what’s on the page. Click to expand a section or to expand or collapse all sections on a page.
  • Enhanced search. Common Curations terms are defined at the top of search results. Use the search bar on any page to search across the Curations online help.

You can return to the previous style of the Curations knowledge base by clicking the Curations link in the footer of any page.

What do you think? We’d really appreciate your input! Send your comments to knowledge@bazaarvoice.com.


March 23, 2016 | New features for Bazaarvoice syndication, SEO, and Spotlights

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This release includes several enhancements requested by clients like you. To get started with any of these new features, please open a Spark ticket.

Brand logo syndication

Clients with multiple brands can now display individual brand logos alongside syndicated ratings and reviews on participating retail sites. This makes it quick and easy for shoppers across the Bazaarvoice Network to know where reviews are coming from and associate your brand with the content they are reading.

Brand logo syndication is currently available in English locales.

Learn more:

Intra-client syndication

Intra-client syndication makes it easy to syndicate content between all of your globally-owned website properties, partner properties, and markets. Syndication amplifies the impact of your consumer-generated content program, getting content where it needs to be to generate conversion.

Learn more:

BVSEO: Compatible Javascript for Google

The world of search has evolved considerably. Google announced that its indexing system has begun reading Javascript. In keeping with this important change, we have evolved our SEO solution to address how Bazaarvoice implements Javascript for Google by adding Schema.org coding and other changes to our Javascript. These changes build on the powerful SEO value of a CGC program by staying in step with the current environment.

While some of these enhancements are already live in your implementation, others require some development resource on your part to get the most benefit.

Learn more:

Bazaarvoice Spotlights: New category types for hotels and recipes

Placing fresh, keyword-targeted CGC on category pages with Spotlights improves search rank and drives consumers to your site. These pages tend to be among the least-optimized on your site, so adding authentic CGC to them has a lot of upside.

Now, Bazaarvoice has added new schema.org content types for hotels and recipes, which enable search engines to more readily identify that content and improve the likelihood of rich snippets appearing. Spotlights delivers a great consumer experience while enabling client customization of the look and driving improved SEO.

Read the feature overviews:

March 9, 2016 | Compatible Javascript for Google

Beginning in 2016, Bazaarvoice has implemented changes to our hosted display solution to take advantage of the expanded Javascript indexing performance exhibited by Google and, to a lesser extent, Bing. Understanding these improvements can help you get more SEO benefit from your hosted solution. Most improvements require limited or no extra development from your team.

Read more about these improvements and the actions you should take.

March 9, 2016 | Microsites end-of-life

Bazaarvoice will end support for microsites on August 15, 2016.

Microsites are webpages that are hosted by Bazaarvoice and mapped to a subdomain on your site, for example reviews.endurancecycles.com. Microsites are an SEO solution introduced by Bazaarvoice in 2007.

Read more about why this transition is occurring and what actions you should take, if any.