January 19, 2016 | Updated moderation practices for mild profanity

The Bazaarvoice moderation team will soon change its moderation practices as they apply to mild profanity. Beginning March 1, 2016, the default behavior will be to allow the terms “sucks” and “crap” to display in user-submitted content.

Bazaarvoice has found that these two terms are often used in authentic reviews that are otherwise well-written and thorough. Many clients have requested that we accept these terms for their sites, and we have noticed a cultural change toward greater acceptance of these terms over the ten years since we started doing business with the world’s biggest brands and retailers.

Surfacing high-quality content is critical to a successful CGC program, and enabling customers to share authentic views in broadly-accepted language is important to many of our clients. However, we recognize that some clients will prefer to have us continue to moderate these terms out, so we have made it easy to do so. Please submit a ticket in Spark and request to continue blocking “sucks” and “crap” from your site.