January 25, 2016 | Curations Upload, Beta Tab in Curations Console, New Moderation Codes

Bazaarvoice is pleased to share a few important updates about Bazaarvoice Curations:

Curations Upload: Increase visual content coverage and volume
On-brand visual content is a powerful marketing asset, but finding the right images is not always easy. Curations Upload gives you more ways to easily collect visual content by directly asking consumers for it. You can leverage your existing post-interaction email or place upload links on pages with Curations to ask your customers to share their photos. Bazaarvoice clients who piloted Curations Upload have seen up to 7X higher moderation approval rates for content from upload compared with content drawn from social media.

To learn more, read the feature overview, visit the knowledge base, or contact your Client Success Director to better understand how Curations Upload fits into your overall CGC program and to get started.

New Beta Tab in Curations Console: Get early access to new features and provide feedback to us
Today we are launching a new tab in the Curations Console labeled “Beta.” Behind this tab, you will now have access to a new Curations feature and functionality in development before it is officially launched. The Beta Tab provides a dynamic environment in which we will introduce this new tool and provide a link for feedback to our development team.

We encourage you to explore the new functionality and offer your feedback. The Beta Tab creates a direct channel for your input and will shape our innovation in Bazaarvoice Curations. All Curations clients who use a Console are eligible to participate, but there is no obligation to do so, and the features being tested in the program will not affect live implementations.

Learn more:

New moderation codes improve visibility into why Curations content is rejected
In an effort to provide you with more insight into why content is rejected, we have divided the default “DNM” (does not meet) code into several separate codes. Clients will now see multiple, targeted codes for rejection reflecting default guidelines and rules specific to clients and their campaigns. The codes include designations such as copyright issues, poor quality photos, and spam.

Our reference guide provides the full list of the new codes.