March 23, 2016 | New features for Bazaarvoice syndication, SEO, and Spotlights

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This release includes several enhancements requested by clients like you. To get started with any of these new features, please open a Spark ticket.

Brand logo syndication

Clients with multiple brands can now display individual brand logos alongside syndicated ratings and reviews on participating retail sites. This makes it quick and easy for shoppers across the Bazaarvoice Network to know where reviews are coming from and associate your brand with the content they are reading.

Brand logo syndication is currently available in English locales.

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Intra-client syndication

Intra-client syndication makes it easy to syndicate content between all of your globally-owned website properties, partner properties, and markets. Syndication amplifies the impact of your consumer-generated content program, getting content where it needs to be to generate conversion.

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BVSEO: Compatible Javascript for Google

The world of search has evolved considerably. Google announced that its indexing system has begun reading Javascript. In keeping with this important change, we have evolved our SEO solution to address how Bazaarvoice implements Javascript for Google by adding coding and other changes to our Javascript. These changes build on the powerful SEO value of a CGC program by staying in step with the current environment.

While some of these enhancements are already live in your implementation, others require some development resource on your part to get the most benefit.

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Bazaarvoice Spotlights: New category types for hotels and recipes

Placing fresh, keyword-targeted CGC on category pages with Spotlights improves search rank and drives consumers to your site. These pages tend to be among the least-optimized on your site, so adding authentic CGC to them has a lot of upside.

Now, Bazaarvoice has added new content types for hotels and recipes, which enable search engines to more readily identify that content and improve the likelihood of rich snippets appearing. Spotlights delivers a great consumer experience while enabling client customization of the look and driving improved SEO.

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