June 21, 2016 | Product families reporting, Mobile SDKs and incentivized reviews

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This month’s product release includes several enhancements requested by clients like you. For a quick overview of the new features now available, read on. To get started with any of the new features, please open a Spark ticket.

Product families reporting

A new feature of the Ratings & Reviews report accessible through the Bazaarvoice client workbench.

  • Additional insights – provides more clarity about the actual review count and average rating of
    products based on native, syndicated and shared family content.
  • Identify product coverage – enables you to see which product families have been created and which products share reviews with each other.
  • More content – see content coverage on a product family level and adjust product catalogs/families.

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Mobile SDK

Enables developers to build consumer-generated content (CGC) into any iOS or Android application.

  • Insert CGC directly into any native Android or iOS app to increase the reach of your content
    and influence more shoppers.
  • With only a few lines of code, you’re good to go!
  • Get real-time analytics to help you win in mobile app consumer retail.

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Incentivized Reviews

Over the coming weeks, Bazaarvoice will roll out changes to our content system designed to disclose syndicated review content that was collected through promotional means. If you send or receive syndicated review content collected as part of a promotion, you’ll be affected by this feature.

  • Only syndicated reviews are affected by this change.
  • Instead of displaying a custom and branded badge, syndicated reviews sourced from an incentive campaign will now disclose “This review was collected as part of a promotion.”
  • The incentivized badge will no longer appear on reviews that meet the above criteria.

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