Microsites end-of-life

Bazaarvoice will end support for microsites on August 15, 2016.

What are microsites?

A microsite is a webpage that Bazaarvoice hosts and maps to a subdomain on your site, such as reviews.endurancecycles.com. Bazaarvoice introduced microsites in 2007 as an SEO solution.

Bazaarvoice serves consumer-generated content (CGC) to your product pages using JavaScript, also known as hosted display. When microsites were introduced, major search engines did not crawl content or links served using JavaScript. Microsites allowed Bazaarvoice to host simple, HTML-only versions of CGC that could be indexed by search engines. Customers who landed on a microsite by following search results were required to click a link back to the primary site to view product details such as price and availability.

Why are microsites going away?

Current SEO best practices recommend indexing content at the top-level domain rather than at a subdomain. Bazaarvoice offers a server-side solution for indexing content at the top-level domain by using the BVSEO software development kit (SDK).

In addition, search engines, especially Google, now efficiently index content served using JavaScript. The product pages you host on your own site are likely now seeing the same SEO boost that microsites once provided.

Microsites complicate the consumer experience, introducing extra clicks as consumers navigate back to your site to purchase products. Disabling microsites improves the experience of your customers, does not affect your SEO performance, and allows Bazaarvoice to devote more engineering resources to create new value for you and our other clients.

Is JavaScript really suitable for SEO?

Google has implemented robust JavaScript crawling and indexing, and commands 50-80% of organic searches worldwide. Bing has significantly improved its JavaScript performance as well. If you receive a significant amount of traffic through Google and Bing, your product pages likely now receive SEO benefit from CGC served using JavaScript. If your Bazaarvoice solution is implemented within an e-commerce platform, your choice of platform might affect the efficiency of Javascript crawling and indexing.

If Google and Bing are not primary sources of traffic for your site, BV offers a server-side solution using the BVSEO SDK. Implementing server-side CGC in addition to your JavaScript deployment ensures you receive full SEO benefit for CGC. For more information about deploying a server-side solution, refer to the BVSEO Documentation.

What do I need to do?

Nothing! Bazaarvoice will automatically redirect traffic from microsites to the appropriate product page on your site. Consumers will still be able to search for and find your products as they always have.

I still have questions.

If you have further questions regarding the transition away from microsites, contact support@bazaarvoice.com.