Migrating from FTP to SFTP for Bazaarvoice Feeds

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Beginning in early 2016, you must use Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to send and receive data to and from Bazaarvoice. We will no longer support File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Why is this important?

Your implementations rely on one or more of these services or feeds:

  • Product feeds
  • Post-interaction email (PIE)
  • Content export feeds
  • Ratings summary feeds
  • SEO

If you’re using FTP to upload data, then sensitive information such as user names and passwords are transmitted in clear text. This puts your information at risk of being intercepted by unauthorized users.

What should you do?

  • If you’re already using SFTP to upload data, then no action is required.
  • If you’re using FTP for some or all of your uploads, then you must switch to SFTP.

Note: If you don’t know whether you’re using FTP, contact your Bazaarvoice client representative, who can help verify if your implementation is impacted by this change.

Follow these instructions to set up and test SFTP data transfers to Bazaarvoice.

Step 1: Evaluate your feeds

To begin, determine which of your Bazaarvoice uploads relies on these staging or production servers:

  • Production servers
    • ftp.bazaarvoice.com
    • ftp7.bazaarvoice.com
  • Staging servers
    • ftp-stg.bazaarvoice.com
    • ftp7-stg.bazaarvoice.com

Note: Make sure you examine automated scripts, as well as manual upload processes and instructions.

Step 2: Replace old values

Update any automated scripts or FTP client settings to use new server and port values, as shown in the following table:

Old value New value
Production server ftp.bazaarvoice.com sftp.bazaarvoice.com
Staging server ftp-stg.bazaarvoice.com sftp-stg.bazaarvoice.com
EMEA (C7) production server ftp7.bazaarvoice.com sftp7.bazaarvoice.com
EMEA (C7) staging server ftp7-stg.bazaarvoice.com sftp7-stg.bazaarvoice.com
Port 21 22

Step 3: (Optional) Set up SSH key-based authentication

You can add another level of security to your data by implementing key-based authentication. This process relies on a private key that resides with you, paired with a public key used by a Bazaarvoice SFTP server.

If you want to set up this authentication method, contact Bazaarvoice Support for information and assistance.

Partner integrations

For clients who have implemented Bazaarvoice Conversations or Conversations PRR by using one of the Bazaarvoice e-commerce integrations (Demandware LINK Cartridge, Magento extension, hybris extension, or IBM Websphere Commerce integration), go to the Partner Integrations page for steps you must follow to migrate to SFTP.