A ratings-only export feed is a daily, XML-based export of product-specific, ratings-related content that includes values like the following examples:

  • Product IDs
  • Number of reviews
    • Total number of reviews
    • Number of reviews that feature only ratings
  • Number of reviewers who would recommend the product
  • Average overall ratings
  • Maximum rating values

Data from a ratings-only export feed is useful for completing the following tasks:

  • Enabling star ratings on your Web site
  • Improving site search and navigation
  • Providing snapshots, averages, and other values that assist with sorting

The following values represent the default configuration for a Ratings feed:

  • Frequency – Daily
  • History – Full
  • Format – XML
  • Compression – GZIP
  • Delivery location – Bazaarvoice SFTP Server
  • Content type
    • Reviews
    • Questions/Answers
  • Moderation Status – Approved
  • Inactive / Disabled – Does not include inactive products

You can receive a ratings-only export feed in its default configuration. However, any changes to the configuration options, including receiving a feed more than once per day or including statistics broken down by locale, might require a custom feed setup. For more information, contact your Bazaarvoice Client Representative.

XML schema

The XML schema for your ratings-only export feed is based on the syndication feed schema, which resides at the following location:


where version is the appropriate Bazaarvoice release number. For example, the XML schema for the syndication feed that is associated with version 5.6 resides at the following location:


Retrieving the ratings-only export feed

Retrieve your ratings-only export feed on a recurring basis from the SFTP location in which they are stored after Bazaarvoice generates them. We recommend downloading and consuming this feed on a daily basis to update the areas of your site that use the information. Supply a public SSH key if you choose to automate this process by using SSH passwordless entry.

Before you go live, download staging ratings-only export feed from the /feeds directory of the staging SFTP server. You can continue to download ratings-only export feed from the staging SFTP server for testing.

After you go live, download production ratings-only export feed from the /feeds directory of the production SFTP server.

SFTP connection values

Use the following information to access the Bazaarvoice SFTP location:

  • Staging server - sftp-stg.bazaarvoice.com
  • Production server - sftp.bazaarvoice.com

Contact your Bazaarvoice implementation project manager if you have not received your login credentials.