This guide explains data feeds that are sent to Bazaarvoice from your organization and also that can be exported from Bazaarvoice back to you. It is intended for the following individuals:

  • Project managers who require an overview of Bazaarvoice data feeds
  • Developers who require detailed information about the available data and configuration options

This document also assumes that its readers are familiar with XML documents and schemas as well as with Bazaarvoice functionality and content types. For more information about XML documents and schemas, visit For additional information about Bazaarvoice functionality and content types, refer to your copy of the Bazaarvoice Implementation Guide.

Feeds sent to Bazaarvoice

Bazaarvoice requires that you generate the following feeds and send them to us. The feeds are used to provide critical functionality for your implementation:

  • Product feed This feed consists of your products and product categories. It facilitates the mapping of reviews and dimensions to the appropriate products and categories, respectively.
  • Post-interaction email feed You will need to send this feed only if you are not using maintenance-free post-interactive emails. This feed contains transaction information about people who have purchased products and services at your site or at a physical location. We use it to send an email to the customer asking them to write a review, which is a powerful method for increasing review volume at your site.

Feeds exported from Bazaarvoice

The following feeds can be generated by Bazaarvoice and sent to your organization:

  • Standard content feed This weekly feed includes all the content that has been collected for all Bazaarvoice features that you have implemented. You might use it to power marketing or email campaigns. You can work with a Bazaarvoice representative to configure this feed to your requirements.
  • Ratings-only export feed This daily feed contains ratings-related statistics. It can be used to facilitate inline ratings display, which is where you display simplified ratings information on product summary pages, for example.