Post-interaction emails (PIE) invite your customers to leave a review for a product they have purchased, a service they have received, or any other type of interaction on your website, over the phone, or in your brick-and-mortar stores.

PIE is not only the most important best practice to drive volume, it also adds significant product coverage, content freshness, and SEO value. Clients who use Bazaarvoice’s PIE program typically see more than 80% of their ratings and reviews volume generated through PIE.

Bazaarvoice can collect data for PIE in two ways:

  • Maintenance-free PIE

    Bazaarvoice collects encrypted transaction/interaction data directly from your site using this interaction tagging method. You can enable this feature by applying a small amount of JavaScript (JS) code, called BV Pixel, to your order confirmation page. Once the pixel is integrated, Bazaarvoice collects the data needed to generate your PIEs. To implement maintenance-free PIE, follow the instructions for implementing BV Pixel.

  • Sending PIE based on feeds

    If maintenance-free PIE is not implemented, Bazaarvoice will accept an XML feed with transactions in order to send out PIEs. For more information, see the Sending PIE based on feeds section.