You can display ad materials in your mobile app using the Bazaarvoice Mobile SDK, which are available for iOS and Android. Each SDK contains an optimized version of the DoubleClick for Publishers mobile SDK.

The SDK is used by several industry-leading mobile solutions that rely on a stable and well thought out SDK. Some of the benefits include:

  • Faster product implementation: Less development means faster time-to-market.
  • Certification: You can ensure your application is using Bazaarvoice APIs with best practices in mind and following the API Terms and Agreements.
  • Accessibility: The open source configuration makes it easier to debug the SDK and understand how the SDK interacts with your application.
  • Support: We accept pull requests and bug reports right in GitHub, actively developing with regular releases and updates.
  • Zero config analytics: Required analytic events are sent automatically.

Watch the following short video to learn about the features you can add to your apps with Mobile SDKs:

Full implementation instructions for the Mobile SDK are available on GitHub for your development team: