To create your custom ad markup, Bazaarvoice uses information about your specific site and advertising needs. Here is the information that will help create the most effective markup:

Site scoping detailDefinitionOptions
Ad Units (Sizes, IAB, etc)Defines the ad dimensions in pixels you want to place on the site, specified in the format HxW where H is height and W is width. See Ad markup best practices for a list of best practices, including the most effective ad units.728x90, 160x600, 300x250
Website AdServerIf existing, defines the ad server for ads when the site is viewed in a desktop environment. This could be Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP), OAS, Atlas, or another ad server.DFP, OAS, Atlas, or N/A
Creative TypesDefines the media types for the ads you want to host. You can specify rich media, static, animated, or other types.Rich media, static, animated, etc
Mobile OpportunitiesDefines the opportunity to serve ads in mobile inventory. "Mobile opportunities" refers to either mobile web or mobile applications.Mobile application name, URL ( or N/A
Mobile Ad ServerIf installed, defines the ad server for ads when the site is viewed in a mobile environment. This could be DFP, mocean, AdMarvel, MoPub, or another ad server.DFP, mocean, AdMarvel, Mopub, or other.
Mobile Creative TypesDefines the types of rich media that are accepted when the site is viewed in a mobile environment. For example, you can specify that video and audio formats are acceptable.Expandables, video, audio, formats MRAID
Value AddDefines inventory given to advertisers for free to enhance the media deal. This inventory is typically below the fold and items are not premium placements.N/A
VideoSpecifies if video ads are allowed on the site and where they are placed. You can specify locations where video is allowed, default video behavior such as auto-play and auto-mute, or disable video entirely.In-banner with auto-play and auto-mute
Custom and/or OtherDefines a nonstandard ad unit as defined by the IAB standards. Custom ads are created by the advertiser and are specially trafficked because of their nonstandard nature.Allowed or denied
RTB/ExchangeDefines the exchange used to fill the programmatic channel inventory, which is sold using real-time bidding (RTB). Inventory is sold to advertisers on exchanges such as AdEx, AOL Marketplace, Index, or Rubicon, through an open marketplace (open programmatic/remnant) or through a private marketplace (private marketplace programmatic). Advertisers have the ability to see the viewer's cookie history and bid in real time based on the viewer's browsing tendencies.N/A
Passbacks/House AdsSpecifies if passback or "house" ads are available when the advertising space is not being monetized or for use with internal promotions.Display a sale ad for the site instead of a paid ad during certain times, or display a house ad instead of a paid ad.
TaxonomyDefines how the site is navigated.Homepage>Department Page>Category Page>Product Page>Cart Page>Confirmation Page
QA/Test EnvironmentDefines a test environment for the site for Bazaarvoice engineers to ensure that your markup behaves