Familiarize yourself with the following key concepts. Understanding these concepts will help you run a successful Brand Edge program.

Once you have a good understanding of these concepts, finish setting up your account so you can start collecting reviews.

Review collection campaigns

Campaigns are the foundation of review collection. You can run campaigns by sending consumers emails that invite them to write reviews, by sharing review-collection links online, and by offering product samples to a community of shoppers in exchange for honest, unbiased product reviews.

Review invitation emails

If you run an email campaign, we send review invitations to the email addresses you provide us. If you include purchase data with the customer email list you send us, invitations will mention the specific product or products that customers purchased, as shown in these examples:

If a customer clicks the review button in the invitation, the product’s review submission form opens.

If you do not send us customer purchase data, review invitations will include general requests for reviews, similar to this example:

If a customer clicks the review button, a product picker that lists your products opens.

Note: General requests for reviews usually result in fewer reviews than email messages that mention specific products, so provide customer purchase data when possible.

Product picker

If you run an email campaign without providing purchase data or you share review collection links online, a consumer who wants to write a review must first identify the product they purchased so Bazaarvoice can display that product’s review submission form. The consumer does this through a product picker, similar to this example:

When the consumer clicks a product, the product’s review submission form opens.

Review submission form

Consumers use the review submission form to provide a product rating, review, and additional information, such as a nickname and location. The following image is an example of a review submission form.

Incentivized review

If a customer receives something of value in exchange for writing a review, Bazaarvoice’s authenticity policy requires that you indicate the review was incentivized. Online shoppers expect this level of transparency, and disclosing incentivized reviews helps build trust between consumers and your company. Possible incentives include entry into a sweepstakes, coupons or discounts, loyalty reward points, and free products.

If you plan to offer an incentive in exchange for a review, complete these steps to generate a unique review submission link. Be sure to select Yes under Did the customer receive an incentive to review the product?. Bazaarvoice appends the following text to each incentivized review submitted using the review submission link:

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


As customers submit reviews, we moderate them to ensure they meet our authenticity standards , contain on-brand content, and do not violate any rules, such as containing profanity or pricing information. If a review passes moderation, we send it to your selected retailers for publication on the corresponding product page. We will also display it in the console on the View reviews page and the Product details page for the product. You can access the Product details page by clicking the product name on the View products page. If a review does not pass moderation, we won’t send it to retailers, and it will not appear in the console.


Syndication enables you to share reviews about your products across the Bazaarvoice network of retailers that sell your products. It increases the overall number of reviews and number of products that have at least one review. Familiarize yourself with Bazaarvoice’s syndication guidelines.

Note: Reviews that pass moderation will display on the corresponding product page at most retailers in two to three days. However, reviews can take up to two weeks to display at some major retailers.

CGC Health Score

On the Dashboard page, your CGC Health Score shows how well your brand is performing with regard to consumer-generated content (CGC) at the selected retailer. It includes the average rating of your products, newness of those reviews, average number of reviews per product, and percentage of products with at least one review.