Bazaarvoice Conversations provides integration with Facebook and Twitter, as described below.

Enable Facebook authentication using Janrain

Bazaarvoice supports integration with Janrain , which is a social authentication technology. This integration allows access to reviewers’ Facebook accounts, enabling each reviewer to do the following:

  • Share reviews on Facebook
  • Attach Facebook photos with reviews when they are published on brand or retailer sites
  • Display Facebook profile pictures next to reviews

To successfully integrate Janrain with Conversations, you must perform these steps.

Step 1: Add and configure your Facebook app

Complete the following steps to add an app to your Facebook developer account:

  1. Log in to your Facebook developer account .
  2. Add a new app.
  3. Go to the Settings section of the app you just created.
  4. Click Add Platform and select Website.
  5. In the Site URL field, add a site URL in the following format:


    Replace <client_name> with the appropriate value.

  6. Click Show to see the App Secret. Copy the values for App ID, App Secret, and Site URL, and paste them somewhere you can reference later, like a text editor.

    Note: You will need to add these values later in the Bazaarvoice Workbench.
  7. Click Save Changes.

Step 2: Verify the site URL

Verify that the site URL you configured in the Facebook developer console in the previous step is correct.

Open another browser tab or window and navigate to the site URL. You can copy and paste the site URL into your browser’s address bar.

  • If the site URL is correct, a page confirming that you are using Janrain Engage for sign-in is displayed.
  • If the site URL is incorrect, you are redirected to the Janrain login page . Check to make sure your client name is correctly spelled and the rest of the site URL matches the example URL in Step 1. Continue to test the site URL until you see the Janrain Engage confirmation page.

Step 3: Connect your Facebook app in Workbench

The next step is to add the Facebook app ID and app secret to the Bazaarvoice Workbench.

  1. Log in to Workbench and click Settings » Manage Applications. The Site Manager page of the Conversations configuration hub is displayed.
  2. From the Implementations list, edit the implementation in which you want to enable social authentication.
  3. In the Settings section of the configuration hub, click User Authentication.
  4. At the top of the User Authentication page, click the Social Authentication tab to display the Facebook Authentication page.
  5. Enable the Facebook Authentication option.
  6. Enter the values you copied from your Facebook developer console for Application ID and Application Secret.
  7. Test and save your Janrain integration by clicking the Update Facebook Credentials button in the middle of the Social Authentication page.

    If everything is configured correctly, a message that your request has succeeded is displayed.

    If something has gone wrong, this error is displayed:

    [Unknown error] - Error calling JanRain: (400) Bad Request - Caused by: Facebook app's Site URL is not an Engage URL: https://<client_name>

    If you receive the preceding 400 error, contact Bazaarvoice Client Care .

Integrate with Twitter

Bazaarvoice Conversations provides integration with Twitter through TweetConnect, which enables you to tweet consumer-generated content (CGC) on your corporate Twitter pages based on criteria such as category, brand, product, or star rating. Each tweet includes the CGC and a link to the product page. For example, you might automatically post all five-star reviews to your company Twitter account, or you might post one-star reviews to an internal account for monitoring purposes. In addition, TweetConnect ensures that shoppers’ opinions can be found through Twitter search and real-time search results from Google.

Note: Before beginning, set up the appropriate Twitter accounts to implement TweetConnect.

After you enable Twitter integration, you can measure the effectiveness of TweetConnect integration as follows:

  • Add web analytics campaign tracking to your Twitter-feed links so that you can measure traffic generated by tweeting Bazaarvoice top-rated products. This enables you track the number of visitors that are directed to your site by TweetConnect as well as conversion rate, sales, and other key performance metrics. Measure the metrics over time to determine TweetConnect’s impact on incremental sales and other key metrics.
  • Set up web analytics tracking on your website, which uses the Bazaarvoice web analytics API to capture information about visitor interaction with Bazaarvoice links. Bazaarvoice appends vendor-specific tracking codes to TweetConnect URLs that drive visitors to your product pages. You can then review information about this traffic within your analytics platform, such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

    You must submit a case to Bazaarvoice Client Care to use the API. Be sure to specify your web analytics provider so that Bazaarvoice can enable tracking for your particular vendor.

To enable integration, create a Twitter alert in Workbench:

  1. Using the Bazaarvoice Workbench, select Alerts » Create a New Alert from the top menu. The first page of the Alerts wizard is displayed.
  2. Select the Event Triggered alert type and click Continue.
  3. Set up output for the new alert. In particular, specify the following:

    • Enter your email in the List email recipients text box if you want to receive email notifications when a review fits your posting criteria.
    • Click Connect to Twitter and provide your Twitter username and password. To test the functionality before you launch your Twitter feed, consider creating a private test account on Twitter. Then, click Authorize app. After you authorize Twitter, you are returned to the Alerts wizard screen.
    • Under the Twitter logo, customize the structure of your Twitter posts by adding text and moving elements in brackets. Click update next to Previews to review your text.
    • Set a minimum time between posts on Twitter. Bazaarvoice recommends you start posting to Twitter slowly, perhaps every 24 hours at first. Posting hourly can overwhelm your Twitter account followers.
    • Under Choose content, select the types of content you want to promote in your Twitter posts.

    Then, click Save & Continue, which displays the filters page of the Alerts wizard.

  4. On the filters page, specify criteria that must be met in order for CGC to be posted to Twitter:

    • Select categories, brands, and locales.
    • Select Review was Approved to post approved content. Although an option is available to filter alerts based on rejected content, you cannot post rejected content to your Twitter feed.
    • Select one or more Star Ratings. Ratings that are not selected are not posted to Twitter.
    • In the Review was posted on field, specify one or more product IDs to choose specific products for which CGC is tweeted.
    • Choose the content to include in tweets. You can select Rating and text or Rating only.

    Then, click Save & Continue.

  5. On the confirmation page for the alert, review and edit your settings as necessary.

After you set up your alert, posts that fit your criteria are tweeted within about an hour. If you included your email address in the recipients list, email notices are also sent about the reviews that fit the filter criteria. Content is posted to Twitter based on the time settings you selected.

Note: If you delete the alert, it can take up to 24 hours for posts to stop being published to Twitter.