The Engagement dashboard shows how shoppers view and engage with Ratings & Reviews on your site.

Access the dashboard

Follow these steps to access the Engagement dashboard:

  1. If this report is not available in your Workbench, contact Bazaarvoice Client Care to enable this feature.
    Note: If this report is not showing submissions data, be sure to redeploy your site to production to enable submission tracking.
  2. Log in to Bazaarvoice Workbench.

  3. Select Reports » Dashboards.
  4. Click Engagement under Ratings & Review in the Dashboards navigation menu.

Filtering data

You can narrow data used in the reports by using the filters at the top of each view. Refer to Filter data for more information about available filters.

Mobile performance

The first chart in the Mobile Performance section shows site engagement (page views) by device type:

  • Mobile devices, which include smart phones and tablets.
  • Non-mobile devices, which include laptop and desktop computers.

vs. 12 months ago represents the “year-over-year” compared to the selected date range. For example, if you set the date range to April 2019, the change is compared to April 2018. If you set the date range to February 2019 - April 2019, the change is compared to February 2018 - April 2018.

The Monthly Page Views chart shows the difference in page views by device month-over-month.