The Multi-site Overview dashboard enables companies with multiple Bazaarvoice implementations to see key Ratings & Reviews metrics for all their websites, brands, and locales in one dashboard.

A company might have multiple Bazaarvoice implementations for the following reasons:

  • A parent conglomerate might have a different implementation for each of its brands.
  • Multinational companies might have a different implementation for each of its locales.
Note: You can control the implementations that have access to the Multi-site Overview dashboard. Consider restricting access to the reports if you have competing brands and do not want them to see each other's data. When you contact Bazaarvoice to enable the reports, tell your representative which implementations you want to restrict from seeing the reports.

Access the dashboard

Previously, if you wanted to see Ratings & Reviews metrics for all your implementations in one place, you had to log in to the Bazaarvoice Workbench, for each implementation individually and aggregate the data into a combined report. With Multi-site reporting, you only need to log in to one of your accounts to see the metrics for all your implementations in one report.

  1. If this dashboard is not available in your Workbench, contact Bazaarvoice Client Care to enable this feature.
  2. Log in to the Bazaarvoice Workbench.
  3. Select Reports » Dashboards.
  4. Click Multi-site Overview under Ratings & Reviews in the Dashboards navigation menu.

The following describe the sections of the dashboard.


The Overview section of the Multi-site Overview dashboard gives you an overall picture of your company’s success in collecting review content for the products on your sites. The tab also shows the general sentiment of that review content. This section contains two tables that provide the following metrics for your company overall and for each of your sites. You can see these metrics for the entirety of your Ratings & Reviews program and for the last 12 months.

  • Parent Company—ID of your parent company.
  • Native Reviews—Total number of native reviews submitted. Native reviews are those submitted on a product display page that were written about that unique product
  • Approved Reviews—Total number of native reviews approved by Bazaarvoice moderation.
  • Avg Rating—Average rating for all native reviews submitted.
  • % 4+ Star—Number of approved reviews with a 4-star or 5-star rating divided by the total number of approved reviews.
  • Recommend—Number of reviewers who responded Yes to the Would you recommend this product to a friend? submission form question divided by the total number of reviewers who responded to the question.
  • NPSNet promoter score. An industry standard for measuring customer satisfaction. It is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.
  • Products—Total number of active products and inactive products in your catalog.
    Note: Active products are products included in the product catalog, product picker, product search, and product linking. You can explicitly designate a product as "active" in the product catalog that you provide to Bazaarvoice. Inactive products are products you designate as "inactive" in your product catalog, or that are no longer included in the product catalog.
  • Product Coverage—Number of active products with approved reviews divided by the number of active products.

By Site

The By Site section has two tables that show the same metrics as the Overview table but for each of your sites individually. The first table shows metrics for the entirety of your Ratings & Reviews program, whereas the second table displays metrics for the last 12 months.