The Multi-site Syndication dashboard helps you evaluate content syndicated from multiple implementations under your parent company. Use this dashboard to view and analyze:

  • Volume of content syndicating to destination sites (Bazaarvoice clients that receive syndicated reviews)
  • Number of products included in syndication data
  • Number of reviews included in syndication data
  • Percentage of reviews syndicating across destination sites
Note: The Multi-site Syndication dashboard is available to customers with more than one Bazaarvoice instance. Contact Bazaarvoice Client Care to find out if you can enable this dashboard.

Access the dashboard

  1. Log in to the Bazaarvoice Workbench.
  2. Select Reports » Dashboards.
  3. Select Multi-site Syndication under Ratings & Reviews in the Dashboards navigation menu.

Filtering data

Select data used in the reports by using the filters at the top of each view. View Filter data for descriptions of available filters.

Data updates

Dashboards are updated each day at approximately 04:00 GMT. They reflect the content syndicated as of the previous day. Data is cumulative and represents all approved reviews you have collected natively or syndicated.

Dashboard details

The top dashboard section provides at-a-glance information for the previous 30 days:

  • Sources syndicating—Number of source sites syndicating data.
  • Destination sites—Number of destination sites receiving data.
  • Destination products—Number of products represented in syndication data.
  • Syndicated reviews—Number of syndicated reviews delivered to destination sites.

Adjust the values in each area by making one or more selections with the data filter controls.


The Overview table provides summary information for destination sites and products, review distribution, and reviews delivered to destination sites.

  • Review distribution is divided among the number of reviews (5+, 10+, 25+, 50+, 100+) and the percentage of destination sites receiving them.

  • Destination reviews highlights the number of native versus syndicated reviews, total reviews, and the increase or decrease in reviews during the past 30 days.

By Implementation

The By Implementation table provides the same range of information divided among the Ratings & Reviews implementations represented by your parent company. You can view complete data by scrolling the table. Click Download Full Data for a complete report of syndication data by implementation.