The Outbound Syndication dashboard helps you measure the effect that syndicating content has on your products carried by retailer sites in the Bazaarvoice network. Use this dashboard to view and analyze:

  • Volume of content being syndicated from you
  • Where the syndicated content is going
  • Impact of syndication on review volume and average rating

Access the dashboard

  1. Log in to Bazaarvoice Workbench.

  2. Select Reports » Dashboards.
  3. Select Outbound Syndication under Ratings & Reviews in the Dashboards navigation menu.

Filtering data

You can narrow data used in the reports by using the filters at the top of each view. Refer to Filter data for more information about available filters.

Data updates

Reports are updated once each day and reflect the content syndicated from your site as of the previous day.

Dashboard tabs

The Outbound Syndication dashboard offers three views, which appear in the following tabs.


The Overview tab shows the overall impact of syndication on your review volume and product coverage on the sites you syndicate to.

Volume & Rating Impact shows how your syndicated reviews impact review volume and average ratings on destination sites, broken down by native reviews, syndicated reviews, and cumulative totals on destination sites. The corresponding graph highlights this information for the previous 12 months.

The table in the By Destination Site section lists your top destination sites (Bazaarvoice clients that receive syndicated reviews) and how the reviews you syndicate impact review volume and average ratings. Click Download Full Data for an expanded report of destination site details.

The Coverage Impact section highlights the benefit of your syndicated reviews on destination site products. For each destination site, you can see the total and percentage coverage increase achieved. Click Download Full Data for a complete report of all your destination sites.

View the Trends tab to better understand changes to the impact of your syndication program over time.

The Destination Sites chart shows the number of sites receiving syndicated reviews from your site and how that has changed in the past 30 days and spanning multiple months. Destination Products Receiving Syndicated Reviews charts the destination products that are receiving your syndicated reviews, during the past 30 days and spanning multiple months.


View the Opportunities tab to understand how you can improve your syndication program to syndicate reviews to more destinations and products.

A healthy product catalog is key to overall syndication performance. You can improve syndication opportunities by making sure your product catalog includes Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs). Refer to the Product catalog and Integration health topics for helpful information.


The following are questions you may have when getting started with Outbound Syndication reporting.

The number of unique reviews in the Syndication Amplification section is counted as the maximum number of accepted syndicated reviews among destination sites. This number can vary because one destination site may reject more reviews than another.

The most common reason for this discrepancy is that multiple source products are matched to a single destination product. Check your product catalog to see if this is the case. To get the full count of syndicated reviews for a product to display on your dashboard, use the Product ID filter to select all the source products that map to the destination product.

Click the Trends tab and look at the chart under By Destination Site.

Click the Opportunities tab, and review the table under By Destination Product.

To see how many products you’re syndicating to, click the Opportunities tab. The Syndicated column under By Destination Product reveals how many products you are syndicating to, by destination.

Go to the Overview tab. The Review Volume Impact value under Volume & Rating Impact reveals how syndication has affected the overall rating of products you're syndicating to.

Click the Opportunities tab. In the chart under Syndication Opportunities you can see which products have approved reviews but are not syndicating.

Reviewed products may not be syndicating for the following reasons:

  • There are no sites accepting syndicated reviews in the Bazaarvoice network that carry that particular product.
  • There has not been a product match made between the product on your site and any retailers. This is most likely related to the quality of the product catalog that you (the source) or the destination sites (retailers) are sending to Bazaarvoice. Poor quality or missing data in the product catalog make it difficult to match your products to destinations in our network. When this happens, matches must be made manually, which often results in a lower percentage of your reviewed products being syndicated. The following product catalog fields are often the source of poor product matching:
    • X=UPC/ISBN/EAN Feed Field(s)
    • Y=Brand Name Feed Field
    • Z=Model Number/Manufacturer Part Number Feed Field(s)