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The state of your review content changes quickly from day to day. A variety of factors affect customer sentiment. Bazaarvoice Conversations includes a variety of reports that show the health and effectiveness of your Ratings and Reviews program, and they keep you ahead of emerging trends that affect your business. Making a daily habit of monitoring the information helps you pinpoint areas requiring action to maintain your competitive advantage.

You can view reports and manage report settings through convenient, data-rich reporting dashboards that enable you to evaluate:

  • review volume and trends
  • product performance and review coverage
  • consumer exposure to reviews
  • impact of Bazaarvoice content on your online business
  • impact of syndication

To get started, log in to the Bazaarvoice Workbench. The reports for your implementation are listed under the Reports » Dashboards menu.

Reporting dashboards provide a data-rich interface to evaluate trends in product reviews and seller ratings. The following reporting dashboards are available with Bazaarvoice Conversations.

  • Ratings and Reviews—Shows a variety of metrics that measure the coverage, volume, and trends regarding product ratings and reviews. These numbers help you understand review content and the general sentiment of your customers.
  • Umbrella—Enables companies with multiple Bazaarvoice implementations to see key Ratings and Reviews metrics for all their websites, brands, and locales in one dashboard.
  • Coverage—Shows review coverage data, giving you an overall picture of your company's success inspiring customers to review products.
  • Performance—Shows information about the highest and lowest rated products, brands, and leaf categories on your site.
  • Audience—Shows information about the pageviews on your company's website.
  • Email Engagement—Shows an aggregate view of actions taken on email messages sent by Bazaarvoice as they travel through the email conversion funnel. The report aggregates system and end-user actions by counting the number of unique email events per hour.
  • Conversion Impact—Shows how Bazaarvoice content impacts conversions and percentage lift by revealing differences between visitors who interacted with Bazaarvoice content and those who did not.
  • Outbound Syndication—Shows brands the volume of content being syndicated from them, where the syndicated content is going, and the impact of syndication on review volume and average rating.
  • Inbound Syndication—Shows retailers the volume of content being syndicated to them, sources of the syndicated content, and impact of syndication on product coverage.
  • Seller Ratings Display—Shows information about engagement with your company's seller ratings display; sentiment toward your company; number of accepted, pending, and rejected reviews; and the frequency and degree of seller ratings.

Bazaarvoice updates the dashboards once each day. Dashboards reflect the content submitted to your site as of the previous day.

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