Curations knowledge base

Get started

Discover the key features, concepts, and initial setup process to get started with Curations.

Collect content

Select the social media outlets and filters you use to gather photos and videos.

Request author permissions

After identifying the posts you like, request permission to display those posts on your site.

Display content

Send approved posts to the displays on your site.

Content manager (beta)

The Content manager (beta) in the Content (beta) tab, lets you manage curated content in a new, faster experience. This tool lets you search all your user-submitted content and manage your content quickly by executing bulk actions, such as approving, rejecting, featuring, and tagging multiple posts at once.

Learn more about the Content manager (beta) and start managing and moderating your curated content more quickly.

View reports

Create and view reports about content you collected, including information about your consumer engagement levels and the syndication performance of your products. These insights could be valuable when designing future social campaigns or brand advocate outreach programs.

Learn more about the reports available in Curations.


Are you having problems with your Curations implementation? Look through the troubleshooting tips for answers to questions like:

  • Why doesn't my Live Feed have content?
  • Why isn't rights management working?
  • Why is Bazaarvoice moderation rejecting so much of my content?