Curations 3 offers a direct upload feature that lets consumers submit photos and videos, which are automatically sent to your Curations console. When you make uploading product photos easy for consumers, your overall volume of social content rises and the number of products for which you have content increases. Also, because you can ask consumers to provide a certain type of photo instead of searching social media for photos that meet your requirements, your content approval rate increases, making content collection more efficient.

Get started

To enable Direct Upload, you need to contact Bazaarvoice Client Care . Our team will enable this feature and work with you to customize its implementation, including the look and feel and what labels to automatically apply to uploaded posts.

Note: When users initiate the upload process from a product page, the uploaded content will automatically include that product's productID.

Below, you can read more about the different components of the Direct Upload feature that consumers interact with during the submission process and what elements the Bazaarvoice team can customize for you.

Upload button


Your Curations display widget can include an upload button, but you can also link to the submission form on other places on your site or even in emails by using the submission form URL. You can add this URL to a custom button, link, or other HTML elements.

What’s customizable:

  • Button text
  • Button color
  • Button font

Submission form: Upload options


Users can upload media from their device, take a photo with their device’s camera, or select a photo or video from their Facebook or Instagram account.

What’s customizable:

  • Logo
  • Font
  • Form text
  • Link colors
  • Button color

Submission form: Upload details


After selecting a photo or video, users must enter a nickname and agree to the terms and conditions before they can submit it. They must also add a description that will display with the post in the Curations display and as the alt text attribute of the image.

Note: You must add terms and conditions in the console if you want to enable Direct Upload, even if you don't plan to send author permission messages.

What’s customizable:

  • Placeholder text
  • Button color
  • Button text

Thank you page


After the upload is complete, a Thank you page appears. This page can prompt users to upload another post, write a review, or return to your site.

Note: Your Thank you page does not have the Write a product review button if:

  • you do not have Bazaarvoice Conversations or Conversations PRR.

  • your Curations Upload link does not include a valid productId.

What’s customizable:

  • Thank you text
  • Button color
  • Button text

Using the Direct Upload URL

The Direct Upload feature includes a link that opens the photo submission form. You can use this link in the following places:

  • Your Conversations post-interaction email (PIE) (Bazaarvoice Conversations clients only)
  • Non-PIE email
  • Webpages on which you display Curations content

The basic URL format is:{query parameters}. The query parameters can impact some of the fields and options on the form.

Query parameters

The following table describes the query parameters you can modify.

Note: Query parameters should be separated with &.

Parameter Required Description Default
client yes

Your client ID, which you can find using the client picker.

productId no Valid ID of a product in your Bazaarvoice product feed. When you provide a productId, content submitted through the Direct Upload link is automatically tagged with this ID. If you do not provide a productId, content is not automatically tagged. <none>
incentivized no Set to true if the consumer you are sending the link to received an incentive to submit a photo. Possible incentives include entry into a sweepstakes, coupons or discounts, loyalty reward points, and free products. false
tags no Additional labels you want to apply to submitted content (labels used to be called tags in Curations).
Note: The label submission-app is automatically applied to all content collected through Direct Upload regardless of the presence or value of this parameter.
bvcampaignid no Campaign ID to associate with any reviews collected through the Write a product review button on the Thank you page. curations-submission
locale no The desired locale in which to translate the text and product name. You need localized product names in your feed to translate the product name associated with the image, otherwise the English name appears. If no locale is given it will default to the locale in the user's browser. en-us


Here's an example Direct Upload URL. This link accepts submissions for the curations-one client, assigns the custom label myLabel and the default label submission-app, and tags the submissions with the product1 product ID.

View and manage submissions

Posts collected through Direct Upload appear in the console just as posts collected from other sources. To find posts submitted by consumers, use the Channels filter and select Custom, as shown below.

Find Direct Upload content with the Channels filter and select Custom.

Use this filter to find submissions when: