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Advocate report

The Curations Advocate report identifies your most impactful and vocal advocates while providing content-level engagement and conversion data. Use the advocate report to discover the following:

  • Top advocates—consumers that have authored one or multiple pieces of content that garner a high interaction and conversion rate.
  • Content-level conversion data—conversion, engagement, and impression data for individual pieces of content from your top advocates.
  • Repeat contributors—the number of authors repeatedly contributing content.
  • Top sources—the social channels most used by your advocates.

The advocate report provides insight into which consumers are contributing the most effective Curations content. These insights could be valuable when designing future social campaigns or brand advocate outreach programs.

Accessing the report

You need a Bazaarvoice workbench account to access the report. If you don't have an account, contact Client Care to request one. If you do have an account, complete the following steps to access the report.

  1. Log in to the workbench.
  2. Go to Reports » Dashboards » Curations to open the reports dashboard.
  3. Click the Advocate tab to view the report, shown in the following example.

Note: The advocate report is not currently available for API implementations of Curations.

Viewing the report

The Advocate report contains three sections, Repeat Contributors, Top Advocates, and Advocate Breakdown by Channel, illustrated in the following sample Advocate report.

Refer to the following sections for details about each report section.

Downloading the report

To export the report to PDF, click the printer icon in the top-right corner of the dashboard. This will generate and download a PDF of the report dashboard.

You can also export data from specific report elements. If the arrow displays when you hover over an individual report element, you can export the element. Click the arrow and select a format option from the Download As list. Available formats are PDF in either portrait or landscape orientation, Excel XLS, CSV, and raw data (CSV).

You can also use the relevant dashboard icons to save filtered views and schedule emailing of the report dashboard.

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