Bazaarvoice offers the following customer relationship management (CRM) integration.

Salesforce Connector

Bazaarvoice is releasing a new productized integration with Salesforce, allowing for a complete data and workflow integration between the two platforms.

Note: Contact us to learn more about the Salesforce Connector.


  • Offer a 360° view of customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase shopper intent to purchase
  • Quickly respond to actionable consumer-generated content (CGC)
  • Increase customer service efficiency and effectiveness

Major features

  • Easily import Bazaarvoice data into Salesforce
  • Automatically link Bazaarvoice content to Salesforce Contact and Person Account Records
  • Automatically create Contact and Person Accounts
  • Automatically create and assign Salesforce cases from Bazaarvoice content
  • Post responses to reviews from within Salesforce
  • Post answers to questions from within Salesforce

Learning resources

Salesforce Connector feature overview

Salesforce Connector overview video

Salesforce Connector data import deep dive video