The following sections describe the basic steps of launching and running a Bazaarvoice TryIt sampling campaign.

Step 1: Nominate products and target consumers

These steps outline the product nomination process:

  1. Fill in the sampling nomination form (available in English , French , and German ) to tell us about the products you want to collect reviews on. Contact Bazaarvoice Support and provide them with your sampling nomination form.
  2. We send you an email confirming we received the nomination form, and letting you know the start date of your sampling campaign.
  3. We deduct the number of units designated in the nomination form from your total number of available units.
  4. We set up the campaign and segment members of the sampling community to target. Member targeting is based on the information you provide us in the Target Consumers section of the nomination form.

For more information, view Nominate products for TryIt sampling.

Step 2: Launch the campaign

These steps outline the campaign launch process:

  1. We send an email to targeted members offering your products for them to sample. The campaign runs until all your designated units have been selected by members. On average, campaigns run for three to four days, but the length of the campaign can vary depending on the number of units, targeting restrictions, and holidays.
  2. When members have selected all the units, we send you a fulfillment file containing the shipping addresses of members who selected products.

Step 3: Fulfill orders and ship samples

These steps outline the order fulfillment and shipping processes:

  1. Ship your products within four to five days of receiving the fulfillment file. Contact Bazaarvoice Support if you can’t ship products within this timeframe. We’ll send an email to the affected members notifying them of the delay.
  2. Fill in the shipping details for each product and member in the fulfillment file, and contact Bazaarvoice Support for tracking.
  3. We mark the units as shipped.

For more information, view Fulfill and ship orders.

Step 4: Monitor the campaign

These steps outline the campaign monitoring process:

  1. We email members the tracking information.
  2. We email members seven days after the shipment date asking them to write a review.
  3. If they don’t write a review within seven days of our request, we send a reminder email (14 days after the shipment date).
  4. We moderate member reviews as we receive them.
  5. When the campaign achieves an 85% review rate, we send a final reminder to members who haven’t reviewed the products.
  6. View approved reviews in the Bazaarvoice Portal. If this is your first sampling campaign, you’ll receive an email with information about how to sign in to Portal to view campaign results.
  7. The campaign is considered completed and we send you a final email with the campaign overview.
Note: Members can continue to leave reviews after the campaign is completed.

For more information, view Monitor a campaign.