Use the Bazaarvoice Portal to monitor the progress of your TryIt sampling campaign and read reviews as they are collected.

Use your Sampling Portal

To view the progress of your campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Bazaarvoice Portal .
  2. From the Portal menu hamburger menu, select Sampling.
  3. Check the suggested actions on your dashboard.
  4. View the products in your sampling campaign.
  5. Read the collected reviews.
Tip: Select in the upper-right corner of Portal to view the help.

Check your dashboard

Your dashboard shows cumulative statistics about your sampling program from your first campaign until now. Hover over the question mark beside each statistic for a description. If you have several sampling programs, select the one whose statistics you want to view from the Sampling Program list.

From your dashboard, you can purchase additional units for your sampling program under Suggested actions.

A unit represents a single product sample you can offer to your sampling community.

A unit is available if you haven't offered it to the sampling community or if you've offered it but no one has requested it yet.

Yes. Refer to your contract to see when your units expire.

Processing the sampling nomination form (available in English , French , and German ) and fulfillment file can take a couple of days. The dashboard will continue to display suggested actions about those files until we have finished processing them. If a message appears about an action you've already completed for your current sampling campaign, you don't need to perform the action again.

Your sampling unit numbers will update within a day of sending us your sampling nomination form (available in English , French , and German ) and within two days of sending us your fulfillment file.

The Reviewed card shows the total number of collected reviews that Bazaarvoice moderation has approved. When we send a review to a retailer, the retailer determines when to update its site to display the review. In some cases, reviews can take 7-10 days to appear on a retailer's site after we send the reviews.

Yes. Select Products to view the following metrics:

  • Number of units offered
  • Number of units requested by sampling community members
  • Number of units shipped
  • Number of reviews collected about the product

Select Reviews to view all reviews collected in your program. Alternatively, you can get product-specific reviews by selecting the product from your product list view to discover all the product details including reviews left by sampling community members.

Yes. You can share reviews between product variants. When you nominate product variants in Sampling, they collect reviews on the same parent product ID. Product variants can include color, size, package weight, and quantity by package, but they have a different SKU or part number. Contact Bazaarvoice Support if you notice we aren't sharing reviews between variants.

If you are the administrator for your Sampling account, you can create additional user accounts. When specifying account details, select Sampling from the Solutions list under Permissions.

If you are not the administrator, find your administrator and ask them to create the additional user accounts. Contact Bazaarvoice Support if no administrator is listed for your account.

You can read our complete privacy policy on our corporate website.