During the implementation phase of your Bazaarvoice project, contact your Bazaarvoice Implementation Project Manager (IPM) with any questions or concerns. After your IPM officially transitions your project to Bazaarvoice Support, contact Support as described below.

Reasons to contact Bazaarvoice Support

Bazaarvoice encourages you to open a support case for any issue that concerns you, such as:

  • Questions about features, functionality, or reporting
  • Issues with product functionality, including bugs or website downtime

If you want to make any of the following changes to your implementation, open a support case as soon as possible. These changes require careful coordination between you and Support to avoid interruptions or degradation of service.

  • Changing product IDs or category IDs in bulk
  • Moving your website to a new eCommerce platform
  • Moving or upgrading your website to a new Bazaarvoice platform, such as switching to our newest JavaScript integration
  • Changing your domain name in the staging or production environments
  • Redesigning your Bazaarvoice integration elements, including the display or submission form

Note: Depending on the scope of the work required, some changes may incur a fee.

How to contact Support

You can contact Support online, by telephone, or through live chat.


To request support online from the Bazaarvoice Support Community:

  1. Sign in to the Bazaarvoice Portal .
  2. Select the help icon in-app help icon in the upper-right corner. The in-app help modal will appear.
  3. Under More resources, select Access the Support Community link to be directed to the Support Community homepage.
Note: You must now sign in to the Bazaarvoice Portal to access the Support Community. If you don't have a Portal account, contact your account administrator.

Complete the following steps to request support after signing in to the Support Community:

  1. From the homepage, select Cases.
  2. Select Open a case. From the drop-down menu, select the option that best describes your request. A request form opens.
  3. Enter a detailed request with screenshots and, if available, relevant page links or URLs.
  4. Select Confirm to submit your request.

You will receive an automated response indicating Bazaarvoice Support has received your request. A representative will respond to your case within two business days.

Note: If you do not see a response within two business days, check your spam and junk folders. Be sure to white label @salesforce.com and @bazaarvoice.com. Otherwise, our responses may be blocked by your company’s firewall.


Call the following number for your region for phone support. Phone support is available at all times for critical issues. All other requests are managed during regional business hours.

  • Americas: 888-984-1381 (toll free), 866 522 9227, option 4
  • UK: 0800 368 0991, option 4
  • France : 08 05 08 94 80
  • Germany: 0800 188 8904
  • Rest of EMEA: +44 (0)20 8080 1100, option 4
  • Australia: 1300-089-962 (toll free), 02 9362 2200, option 4
  • Rest of Asia-Pacific : 061 2 9362 2200, option 4

Live chat

You can chat directly with a Bazaarvoice Support representative through the Support Community during the following business hours:

  • 8:30 AM-5:00 PM CST/CDT (U.S.)
  • 8:30 AM-5:00 PM GMT (U.K.)
Note: Live chat is available in English only.