Distributing your brand’s reviews with Bazaarvoice displays user-generated content (UGC)—ratings and reviews—across the Bazaarvoice Network of over 1900 retail sites. Retailers trust Bazaarvoice to run their ratings and review programs to ensure that all content is authenticated and moderated to prevent fraud, and syndicated content is matched appropriately with their catalogs.

If your brand is a Distribution customer of Bazaarvoice, your UGC partner has integration to send your reviews to Bazaarvoice for syndication across our network of retail and brand websites. Leveraging the Bazaarvoice Network in this way means your content will be seen by many more consumers, leading to more sales conversions.

This page explains how Distribution customers can view their UGC performance using the Bazaarvoice Portal and answers common questions about Bazaarvoice and our authorized partners.

View your content in Insights

Bazaarvoice Insights is a secure hub where you can monitor and analyze your brand’s UGC in the Bazaarvoice Network. Insights is where you go to understand review volume, coverage, and sentiment from consumers about your products and to see how your UGC program is performing with Bazaarvoice.

Sign in to Insights

  1. Sign in to the Bazaarvoice Portal .
  2. From the navigation bar, select Analytics > Ratings & Reviews. The main Insights page appears. From this page you can view three dashboards:
    • Program Overview
    • Ratings & Reviews
    • Questions & Answers
  3. Select a dashboard.

View the Coverage dashboard

The Coverage dashboard helps you measure how many products have received your syndicated content. Use this section to quickly understand how your content is distributed across the Bazaarvoice Network.

Learn more about coverage insights.

Filter content

Use the filter options in Insights to customize your dataset.

Learn how to filter your coverage metrics.

View the Consumer sentiment dashboard

The Consumer sentiment dashboard displays key sentiments expressed in the content you distribute.

Learn more about consumer sentiment insights.

Filter content

Use the filter options in Insights to customize your dataset.

Learn how to filter your consumer sentiment metrics.

Common questions

You should contact your UGC partner:

  • To confirm content is successfully sent to Bazaarvoice.
  • If you do not see particular reviews on destination sites.

You should contact Bazaarvoice if:

  • Your content is not displayed on an expected destination’s site.
  • A review is mistakenly displayed on a destination’s site that should not be displayed at all.
  • A review is displaying on the wrong product.
  • You would like to send your content to a new retailer.

You can contact Bazaarvoice by email or telephone:


Email your request to support@bazaarvoice.com.

You will receive an automated response indicating Bazaarvoice Support has received your request. A representative will respond to your case within two business days.

Note: If you do not see a response within two business days, check your spam and junk folders. Be sure to white label @salesforce.com and @bazaarvoice.com. Otherwise, our responses may be blocked by your company’s firewall.


Telephone support is available at all times for critical issues. All other requests are managed during business hours.

United States: 888-984-1381 (toll free), 866 522 9227, option 4

Yes. Bazaarvoice attributes all UGC to its original source and displays it on matching retailers’ sites in the Bazaarvoice Network. Sampling and incentivized reviews are tagged to indicate that they were received as part of promotion.

Once the agreement is completed and the project begins, our standard SLA for completing syndication is four weeks from the time of receiving a complete and accurate product catalog feed.

No. Most retailers accept syndication automatically if their product catalog matches the brand’s product catalog. But, retailers can choose not to have their content syndicated or require approvals for syndication of their content.

This depends on the individual retailer site’s refresh rate, but most retailers' sites display the reviews in two to three days (24 to 48 hours after the reviews have been moderated, which can take one to 72 hours). However, some major retailers can take more than 24 hours to upload the reviews on their sites.