Bazaarvoice Knowledge

Ratings & Reviews

Leverage authentic opinions, photos, and videos to sell your product.

Questions & Answers

Activate and respond to shopper questions on your own site.


Respond to shopper questions and reviews across our network of leading retail sites.


Accelerate review collection for product launches and your product portfolio.

Brand Edge

Drive retail channel sales by collecting and distributing consumer reviews to retail eCommerce sites.


Use social media content to deliver more engaging consumer experiences.

Partner Integrations

Use Bazaarvoice in your eCommerce and CRM integrations.


Collect and publish authentic customer reviews with our legacy ratings and reviews solution.

Log in

Log in at to access Bazaarvoice solutions and tools, manage users and account settings, and view reports.


Use the Bazaarvoice Portal to access the majority of Bazaarvoice solutions.

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Use the Bazaarvoice Workbench to access the Conversations solution.

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Tool shed

Use these tools to quickly gain value from your Bazaarvoice implementation.

  • Use the Product Feed Generator to create an XML product catalog feed or update your existing catalog. Learn more about the importance of the product catalog and what information to include in it.
  • Generate simple submission links (ssURLs) with the Submission Link Generator. These links streamline the submission process and enable you to track the effectiveness of review collection campaigns. Learn more about ssURLs and where to use the links.

Developer resources

Go to the Bazaarvoice developer portal to access APIs, SDKs, and forums designed to assist developers working on Bazaarvoice implementations.

For information about managing and requesting API keys, read API key management .


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