Bazaarvoice products and services support current versions (Stable or GA) of the following browsers:

Desktop/Laptop (Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows)Mobile (Apple iOS, Google Android)
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

Browsers such as Brave and those used in televisions and Internet-based appliances often use the same open source browsers used by mainstream browsers. Testing and support for these will be based on their mainstream counterparts: Google Chrome (Chromium), Mozilla Firefox (Gecko), and Apple Safari (Webkit).

Support exceptions

Bazaarvoice may make exceptions to its general policy for the following:

  • Specific browsers and browser versions
  • Bazaarvoice products or services
  • Regional use

Support exceptions for browsers and browser versions

Based on usage statistics, Bazaarvoice may make exceptions to its general policy.

Current browser and version exceptions: None

Support exceptions for Bazaarvoice products and services

Bazaarvoice may elect to make browser support decisions that impact specific products and services. These deviations help us meet the unique needs of our customer base in a particular area.

Current product and service exceptions: Safari is not supported in some Client Portal (Workbench) applications.

Support exceptions based on regional use

For browser support, Bazaarvoice considers the usage and impact in key regions or geographies. Increased use in an important location, language, or customer group may impact a decision to add or remove browser support.

Current exceptions for regional use: None

Browser support changes

Bazaarvoice no longer focuses its support policy on specific browser versions. Today’s modern browsers are set to be “evergreen.” These browsers receive updates automatically. Bazaarvoice Support will follow the natural evolution of the browser upgrade cycle. Specific announcements about browser versions will not be made unless the browser or version is listed as an exception.

Bazaarvoice uses data generated from our services to provide insight into browser usage. New browsers are considered for support when they represent more than 2% of Bazaarvoice traffic, or when the trend in Bazaarvoice traffic is approaching 2% in the next three to six months.

When a browser drops below 1% of all Bazaarvoice traffic, or is trending below 1% of all Bazaarvoice traffic in the next three to six months, we evaluate that browser for support end of life (EOL).

Once a decision is made to discontinue support for a browser, Bazaarvoice will take the following actions:

  • Post the browser end of support date to this policy page.
  • On the end of support date, end testing and maintenance for the browser.
  • Depending on the impact to the user experience, elect to provide reduced or zero service within the browser (“fail gracefully”).

Certain feature gaps, security vulnerabilities, or publisher support issues may require a change or acceleration of EOL for support of specific browsers. Bazaarvoice reserves the right to curtail support services in order to protect the viability of Bazaarvoice services, consumer experience, and consumer privacy.