Conversations knowledge base


Configure features of Conversations.

Product catalog

Provide your catalog to Bazaarvoice to fuel your implementation.

BV Pixel

Track conversions and gain insights into consumer behavior with BV Pixel.

Bazaarvoice SEO

Improve your site's search results to boost traffic from organic searches.

Post-Interaction Email (PIE)

Collect consumer opinions and data with post-interaction email messages.


Determine user-generated content (UGC) placement on your product pages.

Submission forms

Customize the interface your contributors use to review products and services.

Analyze data

Quickly access, analyze, and share important insights about your program.

Live Events

The Bazaarvoice Live Events app lets you capture user-generated content (UGC) while offline.

Using an iPad and this native iOS application, you can collect reviews for key, seasonal, or new products during live events—even without Wi-Fi.

Developer resources

The following Bazaarvoice API and software development kit (SDK) resources can assist developers working on your implementation: