As consumers have changed over time, Bazaarvoice has evolved our approach to consumer confidence. To encourage consumer feedback and reach as many consumers as possible, we focus on the following key areas:

  • Type of content: Do you have the right kind of content to influence the breadth and depth of your consumer base?
  • Volume of content: Do you have enough of that content to create relevance?
  • Reach of content: Is the content in front of as many consumers as possible?
  • Insights from content: How do you measure and improve?

Optimizing these areas of focus enables you to get the most value from user-generated content (UGC).


Consumers are inundated with so much stimuli on a daily basis that the majority of brand messaging is white noise. Brands have shifted to digital marketing based on the ability to target the right audience, but it is difficult to map the most relevant message to each unique customer journey. Rather than push brand messaging to them, the key is to have trusted content readily available everywhere consumers can experience it.

Inspire and influence consumers by offering the right types of content:


Do you have enough content? Where are your volume gaps and how do you close them? Bazaarvoice can generate content volume so that it brings you value:

  • Send review requests to ensure customers are submitting content after transactions.

  • Publish answers to consumer questions about products or services to boost engagement with your brand, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

  • Consider using Sampling to accelerate review collection for product launches and the rest of your product portfolio.


Make sure content is displayed in the right places. How can you maximize the reach of your trusted content?

  • Syndicate UGC across the Bazaarvoice network so that you reach more consumers than if you displayed content on the source site only.

  • Make sure your content is displayed in Google Seller Ratings.

  • Consider implementing Connections to respond to reviews and answer questions across retail partner sites in the Bazaarvoice network.


With many types of trusted content and a lot of it that is displayed in many different places, the next step is to ask, ”what am I learning from this content that will help me to better compete?” Insights arm you with the information needed to help influence product development and understand the way advocates talk about your products and services. Using the following features, you can gain insight into your data:

  • View real-time data in Portal Insights to discover the performance of your program.
  • Use Portal Reports to evaluate the health and effectiveness of your Ratings & Reviews program.

  • Implement analytics and content tagging to capture product display page (PDP) traffic and measure return on investment (ROI).