Influenster is a community of over seven million engaged members around the world who are continually participating in sampling campaigns and reviewing brands’ product listings.

ReviewSource enables you to quickly boost your review volume, star rating, and coverage by importing organic reviews of your products from Influenster and sending those reviews directly to your websites for display and syndication.

Use ReviewSource to find products:

  • with no native reviews and ensure they have at least one review
  • with fewer native reviews than a target amount you want to meet or exceed

List your brand on Influenster

Each time your brand launches new products, it’s important to list them on Influenster. This enables community members to submit reviews, which you can then send to your brand and retail sites using ReviewSource. Contact Bazaarvoice Support to add new products to Influenster.

When you sign up for ReviewSource, Bazaarvoice will be able to create Influenster pages for all products in your catalog.

Note: To maximize content collection, ensure that all the products in your catalog (that you would like to collect ratings and reviews for) are linked to Influenster.

Define what ReviewSource content you’ll receive

When you sign up for ReviewSource, define the brands and product SKUs you want to include in your ReviewSource catalog. This will determine what SKUs will receive ReviewSource content at your brand and retail sites throughout the term of your agreement.

Note: As the Influenster community organically produces ReviewSource reviews, Bazaarvoice cannot guarantee a minimum number of new reviews during the term of your agreement.

Once you sign a contract, we will import existing eligible ReviewSource content in bulk. You will also automatically receive any new reviews submitted by the Influenster community over the terms of agreement (for the SKUs in your ReviewSource catalog).

Note: If you have an existing limit on the number of reviews you're able to import over a specific period of time, please contact Bazaarvoice Support or inform your account team prior to signing up for ReviewSource.

Common questions

Once you sign up for ReviewSource, it takes up to four weeks for reviews to begin to appear on your brand and retail sites.

No. As the Influenster community organically produces ReviewSource content, we don’t badge ReviewSource reviews as incentivized. We attribute reviews to . We do badge content collected through Bazaarvoice Sampling.

Yes. Influenster members organically generate ReviewSource content, which Influenster then sends directly to Bazaarvoice. It goes through our authenticity and moderation checks before we approve it for display and distribution on your site.

Contact Bazaarvoice Support to resolve this issue.