Conversations provides the ability to collect and display consumer-generated content (CGC) in multiple locales and languages. Use the Conversations configuration hub to manage localization features and options.

Supported locales and languages

To construct a locale code, combine the language code with the country code. For example, the locale code for Austrian German is de_AT.

Locale Languages
Antigua and Barbuda (AG) English (en), Spanish (es)
Argentina (AR) English (en), Spanish (es)
Aruba (AW) English (en), Dutch (nl), Spanish (es)
Australia (AU) English (en)
Austria (AT) English (en), German (de)
Bahrain (BH) English (en), Arabic (ar)*
Belarus (BY) English (en), Russian (ru)
Belgium (BE) English (en), Dutch (nl), French (fr), German (de)
Belize (BZ) English (en), Spanish (es)
Bolivia (BO) English (en), Spanish (es)
Brazil (BR) English (en), Portuguese (pt)
Bulgaria (BG) English (en), Bulgarian (bg), Dutch (nl)
Canada (CA) English (en), French (fr)
Chile (CL) English (en), Spanish (es)
China (CN) English (en), Chinese (zh)
Colombia (CO) English (en), Spanish (es)
Costa Rica (CR) English (en), Spanish (es)
Croatia (HR) Croatian (hr)
Czech Republic (CZ) English (en), Czech (cs)
Denmark (DK) English (en), Danish (da), German (de)
Dominican Republic (DO) English (en), Spanish (es)
Ecuador (EC) English (en), Spanish (es)
Egypt (EG) English (en), Arabic (ar)*
El Salvador (SV) English (en), Spanish (es)
Estonia (EE) English (en), Estonian (et), Russian (ru)
Finland (FI) English (en), Finnish (fi), Swedish (sv)
France (FR) English (en), French (fr), German (de)
Germany (DE) English (en), French (fr), German (de)
Great Britain (GB) English (en), French (fr), German (de)
Greece (GR) English (en), Greek (el)
Guatemala (GT) English (en), Spanish (es)
Honduras (HN) English (en), Spanish (es)
Hong Kong (HK) English (en), Chinese (zh)
Hungary (HU) English (en), Hungarian (hu)
Iceland (IS) Icelandic (is)
India (IN) English (en)
Indonesia (ID) English (en), Indonesian (id)
Iran (IR) English (en)
Ireland (IE) English (en)
Israel (IL) English (en), Hebrew (he)*
Italy (IT) English (en), German (de), Italian (it)
Jamaica (JM) English (en), Spanish (es)
Japan (JP) English (en), Japanese (ja)
Kazakhstan (KZ) English (en), Kazakh (kk), Russian (ru)
Kenya (KE) English (en)
Korea (KR) English (en), Korean (ko)
Kuwait (KW) English (en), Arabic (ar)*
Latvia (LV) English (en), Latvian (lv), Russian (ru)
Libya (LY) English (en), Arabic (ar)*
Lithuania (LT) English (en), Lithuanian (lt)
Luxembourg (LU) English (en), French (fr), German (de)
Malaysia (MY) English (en), Malay (ms)
Mexico (MX) English (en), Spanish (es)
Netherlands (NL) English (en), Dutch (nl), French (fr)
New Zealand (NZ) English (en)
Nicaragua (NI) English (en), Spanish (es)
Nigeria (NG) English (en)
Norway (NO) English (en), Finnish (fi), Norwegian (no)
Oman (OM) English (en), Arabic (ar)*
Panama (PA) English (en), Spanish (es)
Paraguay (PY) English (en), Spanish (es)
Peru (PE) English (en), Spanish (es)
Philippines (PH) English (en)
Poland (PL) English (en), Polish (pl)
Portugal (PT) English (en), Portuguese (pt)
Puerto Rico (PR) English (en), Spanish (es)
Qatar (QA) English (en), Arabic (ar)*
Romania (RO) English (en), Romanian (ro)
Russia (RU) English (en), Russian (ru)
Saudi Arabia (SA) English (en), Arabic (ar)*
Serbia (RS) Serbian (sr)
Singapore (SG) English (en), Chinese (zh)
Slovakia (SK) English (en), Slovak (sk)
Slovenia (SI) Slovenian (sl)
South Africa (ZA) English (en)
Spain (ES) English (en), Spanish (es)
Sudan (SD) English (en)
Sweden (SE) English (en), Finnish (fi), Swedish (sv)
Switzerland (CH) English (en), French (fr), German (de), Italian (it)
Taiwan (TW) English (en), Chinese (zh)
Thailand (TH) English (en), Thai (th)
Trinidad and Tobago (TT) English (en), Spanish (es)
Turkey (TR) English (en), Turkish (tr)
Ukraine (UA) English (en), Russian (ru), Ukrainian (uk)
United Arab Emirates (AE) English (en), Arabic (ar)*
Uruguay (UY) English (en), Spanish (es)
Venezuela (VE) English (en), Spanish (es)
Vietnam (VN) English (en), Vietnamese (vi)
Note: While Bazaarvoice supports moderation for right-to-left languages (marked in the preceding table with an asterisk *), our hosted solution (Conversations) does not support their display. Bazaarvoice can provide you with a custom display UI if building and maintaining a custom API solution is not an option for you. Contact your Bazaarvoice representative to discuss these custom display options.

Change options globally or based on locale

You can change some configuration options at a global level, which means that the values apply to all locales in your implementation. You can also edit some configuration options at a locale level, which means you can customize values for each locale you want to include. A locale-specific indicator (a flag of the locale’s country) on the right side of the option means the option can be edited for individual locales.

Here are the locale and global values for configuration hub options:

Section Page » Tab Global Locale
Getting Started Technical Setup » Site Profile
  • Shared Encoding Key
  • Test Product ID
  • Company Display Name
  • Home Page URL
  • API Host name
  • Host Name for Content
  • Container URL
  • Staging Container URL
Technical Setup » SEO Integration All options n/a
User Experience Style Detector All options n/a
Style Editor All options n/a
Display Options » General Settings
  • Use Sticky Header
  • Sort dropdown styling

  • Social features (all options)
  • Special Characters in User Nickname and Profile Display Name

  • Show content from these locales
  • Only Show Displayed Locale Statistics

  • Profanity dictionaries
Display Options » Ratings & Reviews
  • Review Helpfulness Voting
  • Require review text
  • Review text minimum length
  • Require Review Title
  • Review Title Maximum Length
  • Photo Upload
  • Video Links
  • Show Review Guidelines on Submission Page
  • Location
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Would you recommend? (submission)
  • Show Review Guidelines on Submission Page
  • Ratings choice gradient
  • Allow Multiple Reviews Per User
  • Restrict Submission based on Age
  • Review Sorting (all options)
  • Review Display (all options)
  • Review Filtering
  • Reviewer Profile
  • Review Comments
  • Review Attribution
  • Photo Guidelines Text
  • Video Guidelines Text
  • Review Guidelines Text
Display Options » Questions & Answers All options n/a
  • Terms & Conditions Enabled (Ratings & Reviews)
  • Agreement Text Source
  • Terms & Conditions (Questions & Answers)

  • Agreement Acceptance Text

  • Remote URL

  • Required

Submission Form Editor All options n/a
Copy Editor n/a All options
Badge Editor All options n/a
Settings User Authentication All options n/a
Email Configuration » General

All options

Email Configuration » PIE & Seller Ratings PIE
  • Post-interaction Email (PIE) (all options)

  • Seller Ratings PIE

Schedule Time to Start Sending Email (UTC)

Email Templates
  • Use Template Settings from Main Site
  • Email Logo(all options)
  • Master Email Footer
  • Sender Profile
  • Email Templates Editor
  • Email Footer Text
SEO All options n/a
Web Analytics All options n/a
Ask a Product Owner All options n/a

Select an editing mode

The main locale indicator at the top-right of the page shows which locale’s implementation you are currently editing. For example, if the indicator reads Editing: Spanish (US), you are editing your US Spanish (es_US) implementation.

Click the drop-down main locale indicator to select which locale to edit.

A locale indicator flag to the right of each option should match the locale you are editing. It also shows you which options are configurable by locale.

Note: If there is no locale indicator flag to the right of the option, the value of that option will be the same across all of your locales.

To edit an option for a specific locale, you can do one of the following steps:

  • Edit an option’s value directly on the configuration hub page, making sure the main locale indicator is set to the locale that you want to edit.
  • Alternatively, click the Edit Values button next to the locale indicator to the right of the configuration hub option. A list of the values for that option in each of your locales is displayed. You can change any of these values to update each locale. Click Save Changes to apply the changes.

Select and style localized display content

You can use the configuration hub to add consumer-generated content (reviews, questions, and answers) to your display from locales other than the one being configured. You can choose to display content in one or more languages, or you can display content in one or more languages for an entire region. For example, if you want to display English content that is sourced from an Australian implementation only, you can choose to display content from the en_AU locale.

  1. Log in to the Bazaarvoice Workbench and then click Settings » Manage Applications. The Site Manager page of the configuration hub is displayed.
  2. From the Implementations section of the page, edit the implementation for which you want to configure localized display content.
  3. Click Display Options under the User Experience section of the configuration hub.
  4. If multiple locales are configured in your implementation, choose a locale from the main locale indicator drop-down list on the upper right side of the page. This is the locale to which additional languages will be displayed.
  5. In the Show content from these locales section of the General Settings tab, configure locale settings as follows:

    • Select the language(s) that you want to enable from the All countries per language list. When you select a language, it is enabled for all locales that support that language. On your website, consumers can choose to view content in the selected languages.

      For example, if you select French, consumers can view French content in all of these locales (fr_*): Belgium (fr_BE), Canada (fr_CA), France (fr_FR), Germany (fr_DE), Great Britian (fr_GB), Luxembourg (fr_LU), Netherlands (fr_NL), and Switzerland (fr_CH).

    • Select specific locales using the drop-down list in the Specific locales section. Select a locale and then choose the languages to display in the locale. Click Add additional locale to select another locale.

      For example, select France from the drop-down list and then select English (en_FR) and French (fr_FR) to display those languages only.

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for other locales in your implementation, as necessary.
  7. Deploy the changes to the implementation.