Configure standard email templates and create custom email templates tailored to specific requirements. For security reasons, Bazaarvoice follows certain guidelines and restrictions on HTML tags in custom email templates. Refer to the following list of allowed HTML tags and attributes, unsupported HTML tags, and guidelines.

Allowed HTML tags

HTML Tags Attributes
html xmlns
body bgcolor, link, vlink, alink, background, marginheight, marginwidth, leftmargin, topmargin
head meta
title No attributes allowed
noscript No attributes allowed
frameset No attributes allowed
frame No attributes allowed
label for
form action, name, autocomplete, method
button name, value, disabled, accesskey, type
input name, size, maxlength, placeholder, autocomplete, checked, alt, src, usemap, type, value, disabled, readonly, accesskey, border, required, aria-label, aria-roledescription, aria-hidden
select name, disabled, multiple, size
option disabled, value, label, selected
textarea rows, cols, name, disabled, readonly, accesskey, placeholder, aria-label, aria-roledescription, aria-hidden
h1 style, id, class, align
h2 style, id, class, align
h3 style, id, class, align
h4 style, id, class, align
h5 style, id, class, align
h6 style, id, class, align
p style, id, class
i style, id, class
b style, id, class
s style, id, class
u style, id, class
strong style, id, class
em style, id, class
small style, id, class
big style, id, class
pre style, id, class
code style, id, class
del title, style, id, class
cite No attributes allowed
samp No attributes allowed
sub style, id, class
sup style, id, class
strike No attributes allowed
center aria-label, aria-roledescription, aria-hidden
blockquote title, style, id, class
caption style, id, class
hr style, id, class
br style, id, class
font color, face, size, style, id, class
a href, nohref, rel, name, title, style, id, class, shape, coords, alt, width, align, target, aria-label, aria-roledescription, aria-hidden
map type, scoped, media, *, Editor::STYLIST_TAG_ATTR
span title, style, id, class, align, dir, aria-label, aria-roledescription, aria-hidden
div align, title, style, id, class, border, dir, aria-label, aria-roledescription, aria-hidden
img style, id, class, title, src, name, alt, height, width, border, align, hspace, vspace, aria-label, aria-roledescription, aria-hidden
ins title, style, id, class
link media, href, type, rel
ul style, id, class
ol style, id, class
li style, id, class
dd No attributes allowed
dl No attributes allowed
dt style, id, class
thead align, char, charoff, valign, style, id, class
tbody align, char, charoff, valign, style, id, class
tfoot align, char, charoff, valign, style, id, class
table height, width, border, bgcolor, cellpadding, cellspacing, background, align, noresize, style, id, class, tr, bgcolor, role
td background, bgcolor, abbr, axis, headers, scope, nowrap, height, width, align, char, charoff, valign, colspan, rowspan, style, id, class, target, font, aria-label, aria-roledescription, aria-hidden
th abbr, axis, headers, scope, nowrap, bgcolor, height, width, align, char, charoff, valign, colspan, rowspan, style, id, class
tr height, width, align, valign, char, charoff, background, style, id, class, bgcolor
colgroup span, width, align, char, charoff, valign
col align, char, charoff, valign, span, width
fieldset No attributes allowed
legend No attributes allowed
object id, classid, codebase, type, data, align, height, width, alt, bgcolor
embed src, movie, pluginspage, bgcolor, base, type, name, flashvars, align, height, width, allowfullscreen, quality, allowscriptaccess, seamlesstabbing, swliveconnect, wmode, allownetworking
php id
svg height, width, version, viewBox, xmlns, xmlns:xlink, enable-background
path d, fill
polygon fill, points
g id

Unsupported HTML tags

Bazaarvoice doesn't support the use of following HTML tags to improve system security.

  • base
  • source
  • footer
  • header
  • custom
  • spancet
  • area
  • unsubscribe
  • picture
  • spanthis
  • nobr
  • wapper
  • vänliga
  • path
  • g
  • iframe
  • svg
  • polygon
  • multiline
  • section
  • wbr
  • script
  • audio

Guidelines for creating HTML templates

Cascading style sheet (CSS) guidelines

We do not support:

  • Style tag override restriction: Overriding the style tag within any other tag is not supported. Clients must follow the given HTML format.
  • Special case style tag exclusion: The special case of overriding the style tag within any other tag is not supported. Only top-level style tags are allowed.
  • Font removal for specific sizes: Fonts sized at 12px or 16px in Arial will be removed, as Antisamy does not support these formats, as well as fonts with numeric values.
  • Style tag limitation: Only one style tag is allowed within a tag. If multiple style tags are detected, the first one will be ignored, and the second one will be used.
  • CSS linear gradients: CSS linear gradients are not supported for security reasons. Instead, use solid color formats for CSS styling.

    For example:

    <div background-image: linear-gradient(#005e2c, #008c43);"></div>
    <div background-color: #005e2c;"></div>

General HTML guidelines

We do not support:

  • Unclosed tags: Make sure you close all tags so they as they function correctly.
  • Document type requirement: Include a valid document type declaration at the beginning of HTML files. Without it, styling may not function correctly. Here is an example of a standard HTML format that you can copy:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Page title</title>
       <body>This is a paragraph</body>
  • HTML file starting condition: HTML files must always begin with a doctype declaration, not with custom or any other custom tags.
  • Image URL protocol handling: Remove additional "http:" tags from image URLs so they function correctly.
  • Body tag requirement: Make sure you define the body tag in HTML documents for proper rendering.
  • Standard tag requirement: Only standard tags are allowed. Non-standard tags, such as "-webkit-text-size-adjust:none", will be removed.
  • Empty tags: Avoid empty tags as they can negatively impact system behavior.