Bazaarvoice offers the following response integrations.

Salesforce Connector

Bazaarvoice Salesforce Connector offers complete data and workflow integration between the Bazaarvoice and Salesforce platforms. This integration lets you quickly respond to actionable, user-generated content (UGC) to improve customer service effectiveness and increase customer satisfaction.

Using Salesforce Connector, you can:

  • Import Bazaarvoice data into Salesforce
  • Automatically link Bazaarvoice content to Salesforce Contacts and Person Accounts
  • Automatically create Contacts and Person Accounts
  • Automatically create and assign Salesforce cases from Bazaarvoice content
  • Post responses to reviews in Salesforce
  • Post answers to questions in Salesforce

Learning resources

Read the feature overview or watch a video to learn more.

  • Salesforce Connector data import deep dive video

Contact Bazaarvoice Support to learn more about Salesforce Connector.

Sprinklr Connector

The Bazaarvoice Sprinklr Connector enables you to respond to reviews and questions directly from your Sprinklr platform, instead of from the Bazaarvoice Workbench. Powered by the Bazaarvoice Response and Conversations APIs, Sprinklr Connector lets you:

  • Read and respond to reviews
  • Read and answer questions
  • Update and delete review responses


  • Sprinklr Connector imports questions and reviews from your own site. It does not import questions or reviews posted on other retail sites.
  • Response authors should be experts and have the authority to represent your brand.

Setting up Sprinklr Connector

Contact your Bazaarvoice representative to set up Sprinklr Connector.

To use Sprinklr Connector, you need a Bazaarvoice account with the Responder role. Account administrators can use the Bazaarvoice Portal to grant this role.

Note: Sprinklr Connector is not available to clients who participate as retailers in the Connections program.