Ratings & Reviews Collect-Distribute Enterprise enables you to collect and publish authentic feedback from your customers. Consumers can review products and services and post photos and video of their experiences with your products. Leveraging user-generated content (UGC) can increase sales and build brand loyalty.

Note: In most cases, your implementation team helps you complete these tasks before you go live. You can reference these topics to learn more about the process or to revisit the settings you chose during initial configuration.

Use the topics in this section to learn how to:

  • Complete initial setup tasks required for collection, such as uploading your product feed.
  • Gather ratings and reviews.
  • Request reviews using review requests (formerly post-interaction email or PIE).
  • Customize the submission forms and email messages your contributors receive or interact with.
Topic Description
Product catalog Learn how to create your product feed, which is essential for matching UGC with the correct products and powering syndication.
Submission forms Learn how to configure the submission forms that contributors interact with when submitting UGC on your site.
Review requests Learn why review requests are essential to driving review volume and increasing search engine optimization for your products.
Email templates Learn how to customize the email messages sent to your customers and contributors.
Generic review submission Learn how to gather reviews that are not specifically tied to a given product. You can collect valuable reviews through email links, category pages, landing pages, or special promotional pages.
Review resubmission Learn how to include the moderator's reasons for rejecting a review in the email message sent to the contributor. The rejection message includes an editable copy of the review and a submission link, so a contributor can easily edit and resubmit a review for moderation.
Syndication Learn how to leverage syndication to reach more consumers and increase the overall number of reviews for your products.
Content exports Learn how to extract content from the UGC generated on your site for use in other mediums, such as in email campaigns or to inform site usability improvements.