This section introduces the essential concepts that help you achieve success with Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews Collect-Distribute Enterprise. You can learn about product features, content strategies, the portals you use to view and interact with your user-generated content (UGC), Bazaarvoice moderation and authenticity standards, localization, responding to negative reviews, and related issues.

Topic Description
Feature overview Learn about the major features of Ratings & Reviews Collect-Distribute.
Content strategies Learn strategies for content collection, and understand the value provided by increasing reach, volume, insights, and different types of content.
Workbench overview Learn about Bazaarvoice workbench, the secure portal where you can view and interact with your UGC, create reports and alerts triggered by specific events, access dashboards that summarize content health and cumulative trends, manage the users on your account, and more.
Configuration hub overview Learn about the configuration hub, where you manage the details of your Ratings & Reviews Collect-Distribute implementations, including the styling of your UGC, the submission forms you use to gather content, the email templates you send based on specific events, and more.
Moderation Learn about the Bazaarvoice moderation process, what specific moderation codes mean, and how you can change your moderation guidelines.
Authenticity Learn about Bazaarvoice's commitment to authenticity and how we ensure that consumers trust and value the UGC displayed on your site.
Localization Learn how to manage features and options across your locales and languages.
Consumer email subscriptions Learn how Bazaarvoice manages user email subscriptions and the difference between transactional and marketing email subscriptions.
Responding to negative reviews Learn best practices for responding to negative feedback.