This table lists the locales and languages supported by Ratings & Reviews Collect-Distribute. To construct a locale code, combine the language code with the country code separated by an underscore. For example, the locale code for Austrian German is de_AT.

Locale Languages
Albania (AL) Albanian (sq)
Antigua and Barbuda (AG) English (en), Spanish (es)
Argentina (AR) English (en), Spanish (es)
Aruba (AW) English (en), Dutch (nl), Spanish (es)
Australia (AU) English (en)
Austria (AT) English (en), German (de)
Bahrain (BH) English (en)
Belarus (BY) English (en), Russian (ru)
Belgium (BE) English (en), Dutch (nl), French (fr), German (de)
Belize (BZ) English (en), Spanish (es)
Bolivia (BO) English (en), Spanish (es)
Brazil (BR) English (en), Portuguese (pt)
Bulgaria (BG) English (en), Bulgarian (bg), Dutch (nl)
Canada (CA) English (en), French (fr)
Chile (CL) English (en), Spanish (es)
China (CN) English (en), Chinese (zh)
Colombia (CO) English (en), Spanish (es)
Costa Rica (CR) English (en), Spanish (es)
Croatia (HR) Croatian (hr)
Czech Republic (CZ) English (en), Czech (cs)
Denmark (DK) English (en), Danish (da), German (de)
Dominican Republic (DO) English (en), Spanish (es)
Ecuador (EC) English (en), Spanish (es)
Egypt (EG) English (en)
El Salvador (SV) English (en), Spanish (es)
Estonia (EE) English (en), Estonian (et)
Finland (FI) English (en), Finnish (fi), Swedish (sv)
France (FR) English (en), French (fr), German (de)
Germany (DE) English (en), French (fr), German (de)
Great Britain (GB) English (en), French (fr), German (de)
Greece (GR) English (en), Greek (el)
Guatemala (GT) English (en), Spanish (es)
Honduras (HN) English (en), Spanish (es)
Hong Kong (HK) English (en), Chinese (zh)
Hungary (HU) English (en), Hungarian (hu)
Iceland (IS) Icelandic (is)
India (IN) English (en)
Indonesia (ID) English (en), Indonesian (id)
Iran (IR) English (en)
Ireland (IE) English (en)
Israel (IL) English (en)
Italy (IT) English (en), German (de), Italian (it)
Jamaica (JM) English (en), Spanish (es)
Japan (JP) English (en), Japanese (ja)
Kazakhstan (KZ) English (en), Russian (ru)
Kenya (KE) English (en)
Korea (KR) English (en), Korean (ko)
Kuwait (KW) English (en)
Latvia (LV) English (en), Latvian (lv)
Libya (LY) English (en)
Lithuania (LT) English (en), Lithuanian (lt)
Luxembourg (LU) English (en), French (fr), German (de)
Malaysia (MY) English (en), Malay (ms)
Mexico (MX) English (en), Spanish (es)
Netherlands (NL) English (en), Dutch (nl), French (fr)
New Zealand (NZ) English (en)
Nicaragua (NI) English (en), Spanish (es)
Nigeria (NG) English (en)
Norway (NO) English (en), Finnish (fi), Norwegian (no)
Oman (OM) English (en)
Panama (PA) English (en), Spanish (es)
Paraguay (PY) English (en), Spanish (es)
Peru (PE) English (en), Spanish (es)
Philippines (PH) English (en)
Poland (PL) English (en), Polish (pl)
Portugal (PT) English (en), Portuguese (pt)
Puerto Rico (PR) English (en), Spanish (es)
Qatar (QA) English (en)
Romania (RO) English (en), Romanian (ro)
Russia (RU) English (en), Russian (ru)
Saudi Arabia (SA) English (en)
Serbia (RS) Serbian (sr)
Singapore (SG) English (en), Chinese (zh)
Slovakia (SK) English (en), Slovak (sk)
Slovenia (SI) Slovenian (sl)
South Africa (ZA) English (en)
Spain (ES) Basque (eu), Catalan (ca), English (en), Spanish (es)
Sudan (SD) English (en)
Sweden (SE) English (en), Finnish (fi), Swedish (sv)
Switzerland (CH) English (en), French (fr), German (de), Italian (it)
Taiwan (TW) English (en), Chinese (zh)
Thailand (TH) English (en), Thai (th)
Trinidad and Tobago (TT) English (en), Spanish (es)
Turkey (TR) English (en), Turkish (tr)
Ukraine (UA) English (en), Russian (ru), Ukrainian (uk)
United Arab Emirates (AE) English (en)
Uruguay (UY) English (en), Spanish (es)
Venezuela (VE) English (en), Spanish (es)
Vietnam (VN) English (en), Vietnamese (vi)