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We moderate reviews to ensure they are genuine, unbiased, and transparent. For details, read the Bazaarvoice authenticity policy .

Setup and maintenance

Contact Bazaarvoice Support to remove a product from your catalog and get a product catalog export that no longer includes the product.

Yes. Product name and Category do not affect syndication. However, the new name will appear on review submission forms and review request emails. Make sure the new name makes sense so consumers don't wonder why they're being asked to review a product they didn't purchase.

Yes. On the product catalog form , list all products that belong to the same family on separate rows. Use the same product ID for each row but each product's individual UPC or EAN.

You can enter a link to an image you host yourself or a link to a retailer’s image of your product. Follow these instructions.

After you send updates to your catalog, it takes approximately two to four business days for that product to be added to your product catalog. Once it's in the catalog, it appears in the product picker.

Yes. Contact Bazaarvoice Support for help changing product names to your preferred language.


Yes. Follow these instructions to collect reviews before a product launches.

Yes. Complete these steps:

  1. Audit your catalog export to make sure all the products you want to appear in the campaign have the correct Category ID. If you need to make updates to your catalog, submit those changes using the product catalog form .
  2. Use the Bazaarvoice Submission Link Generator to create a product picker that contains products from only the desired category.
    1. Configure the settings of the Submission Link Generator. Be sure to set bvaction to generic review submission (product picker) and Filter by to category.
    2. Enter the Category ID of the category you want to show on the product picker.

We have tested subject lines, copy, and call-to-action buttons to ensure a high-quality consumer experience. In the future, we may offer the ability to modify some portions of the text, enabling you to incorporate your brand messaging and personality. However, you currently cannot make those changes with your existing plan.

Ratings & Reviews Collect-Distribute Enterprise enables you to modify the review invitation emails and review submission forms. Contact Bazaarvoice Support to upgrade.

Alternatively, you can create custom email templates if you run email campaigns through your own email service provider. View Self-run campaigns for more information.

Once we receive your email campaign form , invitations will be sent within five days.

We only send review invitations for products in your catalog. Make sure the product you want the invitation recipient to review is in your catalog.

Note: When you add new products to your catalog, we automatically send review invitations to consumers who purchased those products if their email addresses were in an email campaign form submitted within the past 60 days. You do not need to send us another email campaign form with those email addresses unless you submitted their emails more than 60 days ago.

Follow these instructions to prevent Excel from converting long numeric values to scientific notation.

Review display

The retailer determines when to update its website to display reviews. Most retailer websites display new reviews in two to three days. However, reviews can take up to two weeks to display on some major retailers' websites. Contact Bazaarvoice Support if new reviews aren't displayed on a retailer's website within two weeks.

A review that does not originate on a retailer's website is displayed with an attribution statement defined by the retailer. The only part of the attribution statement you can modify is your URL. Contact Bazaarvoice Support to change your URL.

You can purchase an add-on service to share the reviews you collected outside of Bazaarvoice with your retailers. Contact Bazaarvoice Support to learn more.