If you have administrator privileges, you can view user details, make changes to user accounts, and deactivate accounts. You can create users and manage their permissions to fit your business needs. For example, you can assign administrator privileges to other users, giving them permission to modify settings and applications. Or you can limit users to only viewing and responding to reviews.

  1. Sign in to Bazaarvoice Workbench.
  2. Select Setting > User Settings > Manage Users. Your browser redirects you to the Bazaarvoice Portal, where you can manage user accounts.
  3. Refer to the Users and permissions topic in the Portal knowledge base to learn how to manage users.

Important: When creating or modifying a user account in Portal, do not select Brand Edge from the Solutions list. This option is for the Brand Edge legacy application, which is being deprecated. Instead, select Ratings & Reviews.

After you select Ratings & Reviews from the Solutions list, choose Production as the environment.