Ratings & Reviews Collect-Distribute


Get started

Follow these basic steps to get started with your review collection program.

Maintain catalog

Learn what product information we need to create and maintain your catalog.

Collect reviews

Gather feedback from consumers using various review collection methods.

Distribute reviews

Learn about syndication and how to share reviews between product variants.

View reviews

Use Bazaarvoice Workbench to view and filter your collected reviews.

Interact with reviews

Use Bazaarvoice Workbench to respond to reviews and analyze rejected reviews.

View dashboards

Use Bazaarvoice Insights to view review metrics and understand consumer sentiment.

View and create reports

Use Bazaarvoice Reports to view and create reports about your review collection program.

View and create alerts

Use Bazaarvoice Workbench to create alerts that notify you when certain conditions occur.

Video guides

Watch these videos to learn more about Collect-Distribute Professional.

Authenticity and moderation

Learn about the steps Bazaarvoice takes to ensure the quality and integrity of your product reviews: