Whether you’re just starting your review collection program or taking over your company’s program, review these basic steps.

Step 1: Access your account

If you’re new to Bazaarvoice and don’t know how to access your Bazaarvoice Portal account, contact Bazaarvoice Support to get login details.

If your company’s review program has an administrator, ask the administrator to grant you access to the account.

Step 2: Tell us who sells your products

If you’re new to Bazaarvoice, your Bazaarvoice Engagement Manager will ask you to provide a list of retailers who sell your products. After onboarding, contact Bazaarvoice Support to add or remove retailers from your list.

Note: Refer to the Content filter on the outbound syndication growth section of Insights to see a list of the retailers to which you currently syndicate reviews.

Step 3: Tell us about your products

During onboarding, you provide information about your products by completing the product catalog form . We use the information to build your product catalog. Then we match the products in your catalog to your products in retailers’ catalogs using the UPCs or EANs you provided.

After onboarding, contact Bazaarvoice Support to add or remove products from your catalog. Keeping your catalog up to date enables us to syndicate your reviews correctly.

Step 4: Run review collection campaigns

You can collect reviews through three types of campaigns:

Step 5: Get familiar with Bazaarvoice Workbench

Bazaarvoice Workbench is a secure hub where you can:

Step 6: Visit the Bazaarvoice Support Community

Visit the Bazaarvoice Support Community to:

If you don’t have a Support Community account, complete this form to request one.