Some solutions allow you to customize the notifications that the system sends. These notifications alert users, usually by email, to important events that need attention.

Select the Notifications tab in your profile page to manage notifications. If you do not see the Notifications tab, none of the solutions you can access allow you to manage notifications. If you are an account administrator, you can manage notifications for other user accounts on the Manage Users page.

Connections notifications

Connections email notifications let you know when consumers:

  • Post reviews
  • Ask questions

Notification emails include links to each question or review that you can use to respond to directly without having to sign in to Connections.

Configure Connections notifications

To configure notifications:

  1. Access the Notifications tab:
    • Users signed into Portal—From the upper-right corner, select the settings icon. Select Profile, and then select the Notifications tab.
    • Users signed into Connections—Select More > Manage alerts in Connections to be redirected to the Notifications tab in Portal.
    • Portal administrators managing notifications for other users—Select a user on the Users & Permissions page, and then select the Notifications tab.
  2. Find the Manage Connections Notifications section.
    • Questions & Answers—For each client instance, specify how often you want to receive notifications when consumers ask new questions. Choose to receive email notifications in real time whenever new questions are posted, a daily summary of the prior day’s questions, or both.
    • Ratings & Reviews—For each client instance, specify how often you want to receive notifications when consumers post reviews. Choose to receive notifications in real time whenever new reviews are posted, a daily summary of the prior day’s reviews, or both.

    Additionally, you can filter the types of reviews that apply to each notification interval, as the following table describes.

    Review typeDescription
    None Do not send any review notifications.
    All Reviews Send notifications for all types of reviews.
    Reviews with 3 stars or less Send notifications only for reviews with a rating of three stars or below.
    Priority Reviews Send notifications only for priority reviews.
  3. Select Save.

Notifications: Real-time versus Daily Summary

It’s important to clarify that the real-time notification option doesn’t provide instant notifications. Instead, Connections periodically checks for new questions and reviews and generates a group email for either all new reviews or all new questions.

The notification email shows questions or reviews in chronological order, with the latest submissions at the top. The Real-time group email notification option is very similiar to the Daily Summary option but it differs in how often emails are generated. While the daily summary notification is sent once every 24 hours, real-time notifications are generated periodically and more frequently.

Note: The group notification email includes only new content that no-one has responded to. If you've already addressed a review or question prior to email generation, it may not appear in the notification.

In other words, the reviews email notification features only recently posted reviews awaiting a response, while the questions email notification details only new questions yet to be answered.