The trick to using Connections successfully is knowing how and when you should respond to questions and reviews. You don’t have to react to everything - and nor should you.

While the process of responding to questions and reviews is very simple, the portal has features that help you decide what to respond to and what to write. The Filter and Priority Reviews features highlight where you should be focusing your efforts.

Filter content

There are several filters you can use to find questions and reviews that are most relevant to you and your company. Use one or more filters to find what you’re looking for.

Note: Applying filters changes the view of the content for everybody working in the Connections admin portal (not just you).

  1. From the Inbox column of the Questions and Reviews tab, click filters for All Questions and Reviews, Unanswered Questions, and Priority Reviews.
  2. From the Inbox column under the first level of filter options, add a second level of filters.
  3. Filter by content type, retailer, time frame, or states (such as read vs unread, and with vs without branded response).
  4. Save combinations of filters by clicking Save This View to the right of the Search box and enter a name that describes the filtered view.

Respond to questions

Before you respond, remember that your words will reach thousands of consumers, not just the person who asked the question.

  1. Navigate to Unanswered Questions.
  2. Click the Answer text box under the question and enter your response.
  3. Click Save.

Respond to reviews

Connections Premium users can view and respond to unlimited reviews.

Note: Connections Basic users can view up to 25 reviews but cannot respond. If you're a Connections Basic user and want to be able to view and respond to all your product reviews, upgrade to Connections Premium.

Priority reviews

Priority reviews show you what to focus on first. Connections highlights priority reviews that are:

  • Negative (ratings with 2 stars or less)
  • Very relevant (reviews that shoppers agree with or identify as helpful)
  • The most recent

When you answer a priority review, Connections will assume it’s resolved and move it out of the Priority Reviews section in the side menu.

Note: You can also use the Mark Read button to move a review out of Priority Reviews.

Answer a priority review

  1. Navigate to Priority Reviews.
  2. Click the Answer text box and enter your response.
  3. Click Save.

Tips for handling reviews

  • Don't overreact or take comments personally. Respond professionally and avoid aggression or defensiveness.
  • Don't respond unless you can own the issue, take responsibility, offer help, and reassure other consumers.
  • If you can't make something better, simply apologize.
  • Safely assume that if a customer's statements are irrational, others will see it too and will often 'vote down' the helpfulness of the review.
  • Don't post 'thank yous' to positive reviews. This clutters the retailer site. An occasional, personalized note of appreciation is great.
  • Unless the review contains questions about accessories, don't up-sell other products.
  • Avoid the urge to sound like a 'marketing machine' if the reviewer already likes your product.

Authenticity is everything! If you are confident that a review is fake:

  • Contact the retailer via their customer service email.
  • Provide details to support your case.
  • Many retailer sites include functionality to 'vote down' an unhelpful review or mark it as inappropriate.