Connections reports are available in the Bazaarvoice Portal.

From the navigation bar, select Analytics, then Custom Reports to view and download your Excel reports.

Use Connections Brand Reports to analyze:

  • The number of reviews and questions collected by retailers
  • Response volume
  • Response times
  • Unanswered consumer questions

Connections Reports in Portal can be scheduled, customized, and automatically sent to stakeholders.

Types of reports

The following reports are available in Portal:

  • Network content response efficiency—For brands, this report provides an overview of how your brand is engaging with content on retail sites.
  • Connections brand engagement—For retailers, this report provides an overview of how brands are engaging with content on your retail site.
  • Download Network questions & answers—Download raw Network questions & answers data into a spreadsheet.
  • Download Network reviews & responses—Download raw Network review & response data into a spreadsheet.

Learn more about Report templates in Portal.