Before you start using Connections, plan how you’re going to approach responding to questions and reviews. This ensures the most effective use of your time.

Time management

Use the following response time frames to help you plan your time effectively in Connections:

  • A well-answered question can take between 3-5 minutes to answer. You are strongly advised to respond to every product-related question within 48 hours (excluding holidays and weekends).
  • The average supplier can anticipate 20 questions per week, per brand, at each retailer. At 3-5 minutes per answer, this could translate to several hours each week depending on the breadth of your retail channel.
  • The volume of questions varies depending on online promotions, season, and assortment. The number of questions a brand receives also varies depending on the complexity of the product. For example, a camera will receive more questions than a toothbrush.


The Bazaarvoice Moderation team reviews your responses to questions and reviews to ensure that all content is authentic. Learn the following moderation guidelines to help you write your responses effectively:

  • Don’t copy and paste answers from another document. Always type directly into the Answer box to ensure you don’t introduce disallowed characters.
  • Responses need to be specific - they can’t be obviously boilerplate or impersonal.
  • Links that lead shoppers away from the retail site are not allowed.
  • Answers and responses must not contain any personally identifiable information.
  • Don’t refer to specific retailer topics, such as price or retailer return policy.