Note: If you have an existing BV Pixel implementation that uses the scout file (bvapi.js), refer to the BV Pixel v1 documentation. Bazaarvoice encourages you to migrate to BV Pixel v2 (using the BV loader file, bv.js) for performance improvements and future innovations.

What is BV Pixel?

Bazaarvoice offers a web analytics measurement tool named BV Pixel. Once enabled, the BV Pixel will allow you to collect and monitor visitors’ behavior on your website.

BV Pixel is key to measuring the business impact of your user-generated content (UGC).

Watch this video to learn why.

Third-party vs BV Pixel (differences & similarilites)

While there is some overlap between what third-party web analytics and BV Pixel are tracking. There are also significant differences in their capabilities, such as the scope and depth of the tracking itself.

Scope of tracking

  • BV Pixel: Tracks BV content only. BV Pixel data encompasses only data within the scope of the Bazaarvoice container (generally only the PDP).
  • Third-party: Tracks site-wide content. Third-party web analytics integration data flows into a client’s web analytics system, which generally tracks the entire scope of a client’s website (not just the PDP or pages where BV content is present).

Depth of tracking

  • Shallow: Third-party web analytics integration tracks BV at a shallow level (for example, the type of interaction that occurred).
  • Deep: BV Pixel tracks BV with a high degree of depth (for example, a lot of BV metadata).
Note: The BV Pixel is a powerful feature. It enables Bazaarvoice analytics by tracking user behavior that feeds the Conversion Impact Report (CIR). It's also worth noting that it powers review request email messages.

BV Pixel ROI

After you implement BV Pixel, you can:

  • Generate valuable insights into your user-generated content (UGC) program.
  • Discover key information about the impact of Bazaarvoice content on your online business.
  • Generate return-on-investment (ROI) reports related to key performance indicators.
  • Evaluate return-on-ad spend (ROAS).
  • Use data collected about consumers along with UGC to target the right shoppers at the right time.

Implement BV Pixel

BV Pixel is implemented using the scout file bvapi.js JavaScript code. Refer to BV Pixel v1 for detailed instructions.

Note: If you have have migrated to BV Pixel v2 (BV loader file, bv.js), refer to the BV Pixel v2 documentation. Bazaarvoice encourages you to migrate to BV Pixel v2 for performance improvements and future innovations.