The standard content feed is an XML-based export file that maps reviews and product dimensions (value, quality, etc.) to your products and product categories.

The content feed is disabled by default until you contact Bazaarvoice Support to enable it.

What is the standard content feed used for?

The standard content export feed is useful for completing marketing tasks like:

  • Extracting customer reviews for inclusion in catalogs and email campaigns
  • Conducting sentiment analysis on content text
  • Integrating data with site search or navigation

Standard content feed data

A standard content feed contains:

  • User-generated content details such as individual reviews
  • User-generated content “summary” counts, such as the number of reviews, questions, and answers
  • Product-specific information, such as names, descriptions, and product IDs

Refer to latest standard content/client XML schema: .

Schedule standard content feed

You can schedule the full feed to run once weekly.

Note: In addition to a full client feed, which includes all content, Bazaarvoice can upload an incremental client feed that contains only content changes that have occurred since the last client feed was generated.