All email templates developed by Bazaarvoice include responsive design, so that they are accessible on tablet and mobile devices. We offer the following email design solutions for your Bazaarvoice PRR program.

Option 1: Templated email styling services

The Bazaarvoice design team will apply your brand’s styling to our fully-tested and optimized email template. Brand styling includes fonts, colors, and copyediting.

Cost: Fees are calculated on an hourly rate. Project hours are based on scoped and agreed-upon design requirements.

Option 2: Custom email styling services

Bazaarvoice will create a custom email template or implement your creative vision. You could also start with one of our fully-tested email templates and add custom elements such as:

  • Hero image
  • Sweepstake banner
  • Social linking
  • Custom header and/or footer

Cost: Fees are calculated using an hourly rate. Project hours are based on scoped and agreed upon design requirements.

Common questions

Expand the following drop downs for answers to common questions about our email template design.

Bazaarvoice test email clients that have greater than 1% of the market share.

Currently this includes Apple iPhone, Gmail, Apple iPad, Google Android, Apple Mail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail,, Windows Live Mail, and Thunderbird.

Yes, Bazaarvoice can include custom email template testing on non-standard email clients.

This should be mentioned during the scoping phase. Additional hourly fees for additional testing may apply.

Yes, you can provide mockups or a style guide for the branded templated design (option 1).

As long as the design direction conforms to our standard template layout, we can accommodate your designs. If deviation from our standard template is desired, the custom design (option 2) may be discussed.

Consolidated feedback is best in a single round of revisions.

Whether you provide design direction or let a Bazaarvoice designer provide the styling for your email template, you can provide feedback and request revisions before the final email templates are implemented.

After a Bazaarvoice designed email template has been implemented, additional changes must be scoped and additional fees may apply.

Bazaarvoice can add your provided HTML email templates via a support ticket (at no additional cost) for a limited number of email templates.

Note: Fees can be scoped for adding a larger number of custom email templates. Additionally, you are responsible for testing email templates with this option. If you would like Bazaarvoice to test your custom HTML, an additional fee will be calculated.