Your Bazaarvoice representative will walk you through scoping the work and help you map out a re-branding plan. Contact Bazaarvoice Support to request a design quote.

Scope a PRR design project

Your Bazaarvoice representative will arrange a meeting to discuss the following:

  • Your key re-design objectives
  • Timeline estimate
  • Potential changes to your mobile/responsive design solution
  • Potential changes to your Bazaarvoice-generated email design
  • Technical tasks regarding upgrading your Bazaarvoice implementation. For example, you may want to replatform your site
  • An audit on how to get the most from your Bazaarvoice implementation

PRR re-branding guidelines

PRR platform re-designs typically require Bazaarvoice to manually update code, so an advance notice of 7-10 weeks is required.

A Bazaarvoice project team will work with you to implement your requested design and configuration changes:

  • Factor in about 2-3 weeks for scoping
  • Factor in 6-8 weeks for the re-design project itself
  • More time may be needed to complete localization tasks

You have two design package options:

Option 1: Work with our design services team who will be happy to demo and discuss the benefits of our templated styling offerings

Option 2: Submit your own design mockups for a fully custom Bazaarvoice redesign. Bazaarvoice can apply your brand styles to our optimized and responsive PRR template and be sure that the styling fits into your site design seamlessly

Note: Project fees are based on scoped and agreed-upon design requirements and package.

After scoping has been completed, you’ll receive a Statement of Work (SOW) that outlines exactly what will be done. Once signed off, the design team will be scheduled to start the redesign process.

What does a redesign package include?

“Redesign package” is a term that defines the level of design services for a given project, whether during implementation or beyond. A typical design package includes us designing custom graphics such as buttons, badges, voting, avatar, sharing icons, etc. It also includes updates to following:

  • Column widths
  • Border styles
  • Floating elements to change layout
  • UI elements like filtering can be uniquely styled for clients
  • Background graphics
  • Margin and padding manipulation to optimize design
  • Customized pop-up windows (for example, a photo pop-up)
  • Submission form styled to match your website’s existing form style